8 December 2021
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Equal of any man - but what about any woman?

If you had a daughter, what would you tell her about being the equal of someone else?   I grew up with a father who told me that I was as good as any man. And when you’re raised with your parent reinforcing your value, particularly the male parent, you totally believe his words and […]

Handle the truth

Recently I travelled throughout Germany and took in places that have made their way into books mostly related to war history: Potsdam, Dresden and Berlin to name a few. As I travelled between cities, I couldn’t help but ponder the events that led to so many wars in Europe over the centuries; so many skirmishes, […]

Take the credit

While Australians were experiencing the coldest October on record for many years, I spent the month parading around France and Germany enjoying a mild autumn. Strolling around Berlin in an area that once was part of the east, I suddenly found myself lost and slightly panicking. My mind was eased recalling my daughter in law’s […]

Table for one

I’ve just returned from a month abroad where the best part of my four weeks was spent in Germany and France. For a considerable amount of this time I was travelling alone, something I haven’t done since my university days, and though it was a learning experience in many ways, it’s not a mode of […]

Independance, at all levels

My friend Annie, a teacher, really believes in practising what she preaches. Annie does her homework like no one I’ve ever seen before, so much so that one real estate agent she dealt with asked her if she wanted to sell him her formula for house and loan hunting. Annie is single and closing in […]

The Cinderella complex

I remember my husband buying a superannuation policy many years ago and the person selling it to him, a woman, asked me what I was going to do about my super. I recall the exact moment because I’ve always considered myself independent in so many ways but, when this question was put to me, I […]

The crying game

When you were quite young, did you ever play a game with your girlfriends where you agreed to tell each other all the things you like, as well as what you don't like about them? Now, I never got into this sort of thing but I knew girls who did and I remember it always […]

Sex, lies and blog posts

Since the media decided to expose the extramarital antics of the former NSW Minister John Della Bosca, I’ve been listening to comments, from women in particular, about this. The majority of females aired views pretty much in line with what I picked up as a blog response posted by Mike Honcho to Tim Andrew’s comment piece […]

Women in focus

This week, it was my pleasure to be the guest speaker at the launch of Women in Focus, the Commonwealth Bank’s initiative to support women in business. Women in Focus is a great name and I like the double play on the word ‘focus’. First, we need to put women more in the frame when […]

Look what they done to my brain, Ma

In my blog a few weeks ago, I wrote about a study undertaken at Oxford University that ranked Australian men as the least attractive to women wanting to enter long-term relationships. As someone who has taught at university over the years and engaged in high level research for my law thesis, I ask the question: […]

Sisters are doin' it to themselves

Spare me a moment’s distraction from my usual literary references as I resort to Wikipedia, to define the word ‘confidence’. According to this internet source, confidence is generally described as a state of being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most […]

Who are the companies of tomorrow?

Where will earnings and profits come from in the new economic environment? Where will growth come from and which sectors should we focus on? What stocks do we buy in order to position ourselves to be part of the next upturn? Following the economic difficulties over the past year, when investors feared the worst, we […]

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