27 October 2021
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Help! You need somebody

February has been a run of meetings with really capable business owners – all women. They’ve ranged from day spa operators, occupational therapists, software designers to farmers and retailers. Despite the diversity of industries, they’ve had one thing in common — they all knew they needed help and weren’t afraid to admit it. Like any […]

A little less conversation

I was in a meeting this week where the numbers were eight men and two women, myself included. Naturally, I won’t go into details of the gathering but one matter does need airing because it’s indicative of the uphill battle women in business face. The other woman in the party of 10 shows little business […]

A Russh of business

I have news! It’s about our business expansion! Switzer has acquired a title that is well respected in the beauty and fashion world – RUSSH magazine. The opportunity presented itself via phone from Sydney the very day we were walking back to Manhattan over the Brooklyn Bridge. I mentioned this inspirational walk in last week’s […]

A bite out of the Big Apple

There’s something special about watching Woody Allen’s film Manhattan when you’re all tucked up in bed in a room on West 44th street and Broadway. The snow outside adds to the mood and Irving Berlin’s music makes you almost want to dance through the streets flanked with amazing architecture – but it’s too cold! I […]

The elephant in the room

It’s hot in Dubai in June, equivalent to a scorcher here in Australia in January or February. You get fried staying out too long in the unrelenting sun. So having spent enough time in the comfort of air-conditioned souks, I decided to take my reserved place at a conference in the wing of the Hotel […]

Gail Kelly - superwoman or simply a super banker?

Faster than an ATM withdrawal. More powerful than the Reserve Bank. Able to leap the corporate ladder in a few bounds. Look, up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Superwoman! Yes, it's Superwoman! Aspirational migrant from another continent who came to Australia with focus and drive far beyond that of most […]

Are you being served?

Saturday morning was spent shopping for produce for a special dinner that night. This event was in the planning for months and everything was locked in to be sensational. But there was one task that could make or break my mood – trekking through a supermarket, a joyless task on any occasion, or so I […]

Equal of any man - but what about any woman?

If you had a daughter, what would you tell her about being the equal of someone else?   I grew up with a father who told me that I was as good as any man. And when you’re raised with your parent reinforcing your value, particularly the male parent, you totally believe his words and […]

Handle the truth

Recently I travelled throughout Germany and took in places that have made their way into books mostly related to war history: Potsdam, Dresden and Berlin to name a few. As I travelled between cities, I couldn’t help but ponder the events that led to so many wars in Europe over the centuries; so many skirmishes, […]

Take the credit

While Australians were experiencing the coldest October on record for many years, I spent the month parading around France and Germany enjoying a mild autumn. Strolling around Berlin in an area that once was part of the east, I suddenly found myself lost and slightly panicking. My mind was eased recalling my daughter in law’s […]

Table for one

I’ve just returned from a month abroad where the best part of my four weeks was spent in Germany and France. For a considerable amount of this time I was travelling alone, something I haven’t done since my university days, and though it was a learning experience in many ways, it’s not a mode of […]

Independance, at all levels

My friend Annie, a teacher, really believes in practising what she preaches. Annie does her homework like no one I’ve ever seen before, so much so that one real estate agent she dealt with asked her if she wanted to sell him her formula for house and loan hunting. Annie is single and closing in […]

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