23 October 2019
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Nathan Bell

Sidestep the potential pain from passive investing

Nathan Bell explains why a passive investment strategy based on a broad index of the US market is risky, and how sensible active management could help protect and grow your returns. [Sponsored Content]

Why it pays to be contrarian

It's possible to trounce the market if you're prepared to be a contrarian, explains Nathan Bell. Today, he analyses a current portfolio holding to show why, with the right research and reasoning, a contrarian position can pay off. [Sponsored Content]

How insider ownership can thrash the market

Long term investors tend to look for reliable indicators that can help them beat the market, such as finding companies where management has a large stake in the business. Let's take a look at the performance of three owner-managers.

Value stocks with growth potential

Investing in value stocks doesn’t mean you have to forgo growth. Let's look at one example.

How investors can gain a competitive edge

If the right steps are taken, a contrarian approach to investing could lead to world-class opportunities. Here’s one case study.

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