24 October 2019
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Michael McCarthy

Is this stock worth consideration?

While many investors like the idea of contrarian investment, when it comes to buying that fallen stock, there can sudden bouts of paralysis by analysis. Contrarians may already have Incitec Pivot (IPL) on their radar and perhaps it could be a good opportunity.

Bad news sells but is tough on investors

In an age of distrust, finding the facts can be difficult. Market prices represent a consensus backed by people putting money on the line and global copper markets are giving a strong signal right now.

The never ending stories

Capturing higher portfolio returns over the long term depends on many factors. One of them is knowing which market narratives to track.

Lose little, win big

If you jump out of losing positions cheaply, while sticking with winners, you’ll do well over almost any time frame.

Buying indigestion

Worley Parsons has suffered digestion issues but there is opportunity here.

I'll be watching you

There’s a stock on this strategist’s list and he’ll be watching every move it makes. Is there a profitable sting in this tale?

This stock is on my watch list

How can you buy when the time is just right? One is to have a watch list of highly desirable stocks in anticipation of a share price fall. Here’s one on my list.

Is it the season to be jolly?

Is there a sentiment shift that may reflect the move into a more positive period for shares?

Stop, Look & Listen

There are times when investors should pay attention to what the movement of the market is saying.

Out of Africa

With its wealth of resources, could they be a new supplier of gas?

Not full of 'crap'

South 32 is a great example of how even experts can get it horribly wrong.

Buying falling angels

How can you buy into growth exposures at a reasonable price?

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