10 August 2022
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Joanne Masters

20 January 2015
Sometimes it's enough to be the best of a bad currency lot

The Australian dollar might have further to fall, but there aren't too many currencies that look like a better buy than the Aussie, so it should find a floor soon enough.

10 December 2014
How low can the Aussie dollar go?

The factors driving our currency lower are not going away anytime soon and that means it's more than likely to hit US80 cents this year and even lower next year.

19 November 2014
It's all about the carry for the Aussie

The focus might be on the fall in the Aussie against the US dollar, but against the Yen it's not doing too badly.

14 October 2014
Don't forget the chase for yield

The Northern Hemisphere is back from summer holidays, economic data has offered some surprises and thoughts are turning to what 2015 could bring.

29 September 2014
Reality hits the $A

The RBA will be pleased to see the recent softening of the local currency – it is an appropriate economic response to weakening commodity prices and mining investment.

16 September 2014
Has the $A lost its link with commodity prices?

As Australia’s key commodity prices continue to weaken, has the Australian dollar lost its link with commodity prices?

28 July 2014
Why isn't the A$ falling?

There is an almost universal expectation that the A$ should be weakening, with many forecasters looking for the local unit to slip below 0.90 against the US$. Despite this backdrop, in the last month the A$ briefly pushed above 0.95, before settling in a tight 0.9350-0.9450 range.

3 July 2014
Will the bitcoin be regulated here in Australia?

Policymakers globally are struggling with the bitcoin and, in particular, how to capture the bitcoin into existing tax and regulatory structures. This is a critical path of the ‘coming of age’ of the bitcoin, but one that needs to be walked carefully.

12 June 2014
Bitcoins: currency or commodity?

One key issue being hotly debated in many circles is how to categorise the bitcoin. Is it a currency? Is it a commodity?

27 May 2014
Competing with our cousin

The New Zealand dollar hasn’t gone one-for-one with the Aussie dollar for 40 years. Could this happen in the near future? Jo Masters explains.

21 May 2014
Bitcoins: fad or future?

In this first of a three part series, Jo Masters takes a look at Bitcoins, explaining what they are, whether they’re here to stay and some of the regulatory issues currently under examination.

14 May 2014
The Yuan: yearning for world fame

Jo Masters uses her 14 years experience working in currency markets and economic research in Australia to explain what’s happening to China’s currency.

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