23 October 2019
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Janine Perrett

Swinging egos and 'sexist' tweets

This tweet scandal debating womens' rights has become all about the men, of course.

Musings on the main headlines

It is good to remember that business actually goes on despite all the election noise.

Malcolm versus Bill

The 24-hour news cycle means that commentators started assessing the winner and loser of the day on the first day of the campaign.

The political time machine

It is very hard to make economic assumptions a decade out but in this election, both sides are doing it.

A drinking game for the election

Here's a drinking game for the election to alleviate the tedium of the long campaign.

Shorten's Dundee moment

The Labor party is now upping the ante on fiscal correctness. It’s certainly shaping up to be a real contest over the next eight weeks.

Stop the slogans

Overall I thought the budget was not a bad effort except for that damn slogan.

Time to ban the annual budget lock-up

The budget lock-up was meant to avoid any leaks so that markets would not react to insider news.

Mixed messages and the budget's missing plan

Bring on the budget so they actually have something concrete to spin.

The "duh" award for most obvious headlines

Time to end the week on our irregular awards for the most obvious headlines.

Budget lockup vs RBA

Has anyone realised that the cream of Australia's economic thinkers will all be locked up next Tuesday in Canberra when the RBA rate decision comes out?

Arts funding and submarine pork barrel spending

Oh, to have an election campaign where Malcolm Turnbull actually unveiled a proper arts policy.

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