24 October 2019
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Greville Pabst

Don't buy property just for negative gearing

Negatively gearing a property in this market is difficult when the difference between interest rate and rental yield is narrow. In a high interest rate environment, this is different. As a result, your property decisions should be based on other factors.

6 forces keeping property prices down

Only a rate cut could offset the factors that are depressing property prices.

Putting the property market into perspective

Over the last 12 months, the media has house prices falling off a cliff, but to put it all in context, the current correction is simply part of a healthy real estate cycle. Here's a breakdown of the property cycles over the past 150 years.

What do we want? Certainty!

We have political uncertainty, a fear of change to negative gearing and CGT policy, an oversupply of new and off the plan apartments, a sharp decline in dwelling commencements, buyer sentiment and confidence at an all-time low, and much more.

A look through the crystal ball for property in 2019

What does real estate industry have in store for us this year?

4 smart property purchase tips

Property investment is one of the most lucrative assets that should generate capital growth in the long run, if you buy right. Here are 4 good tips.

The Block apartments under the hammer

One of Australia’s most viewed TV shows, The Block is coming to an end. For 12 weeks, 5 couples have transformed the iconic Melbourne building The Gatwick and on Saturday, 27th October, these 5 apartments will be placed under the hammer.

How much can the property market take?

Uncertainty around capital gains tax, the impost of negative gearing, revelations by the Royal Commission, banks tightening up on loans are resulting in buyer and seller caution.

Flipping a property for profit

Buying a property, renovating and selling it for profit is tricky business and certainly not without risks.

The science to your address

How does your street number affect your home value?

Property recap and forecast for the next 6 months

Why has the property market stalled?

Renovate or move?

More people are choosing to renovate rather than move. But why?

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