22 October 2019
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David Bassanese

Why have Australian stocks outperformed our global peers?

This news may come as a surprise to some.

At the whim of that man

Will sanity eventually prevail on trade as well?

Will further global growth be a bad thing?

Some fear we're headed toward overinflation.

China is the biggest risk to Australia's economy

Are we blind to the challenges this "miracle economy" presents to us?

The reality of Australia's economic growth story

The good news is that we've got growth. That bad news is that it's not enough.

Do the latest inflation figures mark the end to this bull market?

How bad is the current situation and what are the risks?

Will the RBA raise rates later this year?

A drop in the unemployment rate could be the big trigger.

Is Trump's 'trade war' careful economic planning?

There may be method to his madness.

Why we should abolish the company tax rate

Why not leap frog the world and simply get rid of it altogether.

Company tax: Are the big corps cheating the system?

There's been plenty of finger pointing of late.

How will Labor's tax changes affect Australia?

The overall effect on the share market and economy may not be as great as some people claim.

The bull market still stands strong

Is this the Wall Street correction we had to have?

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