23 October 2019
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Angela Catterns

Life goes on for Australian voters...

Nothing much will change despite all the talk, the promises, the slanging matches and of course, the expense of the federal election in the winter of 2016.

Will Australia have its own Brexit event on Saturday?

Will a large bloc of Aussies cast their votes against the status quo, just as they’ve done in the UK?

Big hurdles for Rio

With the Rio Olympics just six weeks away, there are still many social and economic obstacles to overcome.

Could robots take over Turnbull's job?

It’s not only low-skilled factory workers who are losing their jobs to intelligent robots.

Exercising the hip pocket

It seems our wallets are getting more of a workout than our backsides as Australians increasingly splash cash on abandoned fitness plans.

Technology trends

Here’s a rundown on everything that's going on in tech right now and how it will evolve in the future.

6-star marketing

Buying an apartment for millions of frequent flyer points is just part of the marketing pull for this luxurious Melbourne development.

Myer gets real with virtual reality shopping

2016 seems to be the year of VR experimentation, with a number of companies dabbling in it to boost sales.

The Grim signs of global warming

The changing of the seasons has gone from a reliable constant to an unpredictable factor that upsets the best plans of even the most astute retailer.

The $1.3 billion Mother's Day industry

Men and younger people are the biggest spenders, as it seems everything is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

Learning from our gun control laws

Bold solutions like the gun control laws implemented by former Prime Minister John Howard can be applied to other areas that require a swift humane and clever plan.

PM's cyber hygiene and avoiding the scams

The Prime Minister's words on cyber security reminded me of the time when my cyber hygiene was less than spotless and I very nearly fell for an email scam.

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