23 October 2019
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Adrian Sheahan

Prisoners on Mortgage Street

A ‘mortgage prisoner’ is someone who can’t switch funders in order to get a better home loan deal. Surely this is outrageous?

The self employed and home loans

What you need to know.

Home loans for self employed - what lenders look for and why

Running a business can impact how you're assessed.

5 reasons to review your home loan

These are no brainers.

The Royal Commission - A loan writer's perspective

There are two sides to every tale.

7 tips to pay your loan off sooner

They're the tips we all want to hear!

New Year financial resolution No 1: Review my home loan

Top tips for reviewing your home loan.

Tips for dealing with lenders over Christmas

You have to be extra prepared over the Christmas break.

3 things to consider if you have a home loan

Your mortgage should never be set and forget!

4 reasons why investment loans are now harder to get

Banks are now using more realistic living expense calculations and a ‘stress interest rate’.

Interest-only loans: Why all the fuss?

If you are a potential property investor, you might have noticed the banks have put the brakes on interest-only lending. So why are they doing this, and are interest-only loans still a viable option for property buyers?

Are you too old for a home loan?

Although age generally isn’t a barrier to getting a mortgage, it’s important to understand how a lender will assess your application as you approach – or enter – retirement.

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