16 November 2019
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Who's afraid of the big 'bad' economy?

10 September 2019

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Low carbon investing

Peter and Paul discuss Russell Investments' Low Carbon Global Shares Fund with portfolio manager James Harwood.

Gold and goals

Peter and Paul talk gold with Perth Mint's Jordan Eliseo and ETF Securities' Chad Hitzeman, plus health goals with Eden Health Retreat's Chris van Hoof and money goals with Nudge's Andrew Wilson.

Clearing up confusion

Cardiologist Dr Ross Walker, the National Divorce Centre's Cheryl Duffy and the Victorian Energy Policy Centre's Bruce Mountain all join the show this week to help clarify some important issues.

Steps to success

Charlie Aitken and Gerry Harvey share some of their secrets to success, plus an economic update with AMP Capital's Shane Oliver.

Holy guacamole: the success of Guzman y Gomez

The CEO and founder of Guzman y Gomez, Steven Marks, joins the show to discuss the history and future of the Mexican food chain, plus global investing with Fidelity's Anthony Doyle, and the Institute for Economics and Peace's Steve Killelea.

Travel, dresses and cyber threats

Peter Switzer speaks to Ann-Catherine Jones from Travel Associates, Dean Jones from clothing rental business GlamCorner and John DePeters from insurance company Chubb.

Why gold is losing its glitter

This week, Peter Switzer speaks to Percy Allan for a Market Timing Australia update, plus: Is oOh!media (OML) a buy or a sell? Is Powerwrap (PWL) an up and coming stock to buy? And meet the new operator of BridgeClimb Sydney.

The future of Freelancer.com

Peter Switzer speaks to Freelancer.com founder and CEO Matt Barrie, plus Shane Oliver from AMP Capital and Saul Sher from Chargrill Charlie's.

Will the stock market crash or is it time to switch stocks?

Peter and Paul catch up with Market Timing Australia's Percy Allan, plus an interview with Macquarie Telecom chief executive David Tudehope.

Who's afraid of the big 'bad' economy?

This week, Peter and Paul discuss the economy with CommSec's Ryan Felsman and fintech company GoCardless with its co-founder Hiroki Takeuchi.

Is Gerry Harvey losing his optimistic mojo?

Harvey Norman founder and chairman Gerry Harvey speaks to Peter and Paul about the company's latest results, and former ACCC chairman Allan Fels also joins the show to discuss his new book 'Tough Customer: Chasing a better deal for battlers'.

Was the Hayne Royal Commission a flop?

Six months after the findings of the Hayne Royal Commission were released, Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard check in with Financial Planning Association of Australia CEO Dante De Gori and Ruahine Finance mortgage broker Daiman McIntyre.

When should you get out of the stock market?

Market Timing Australia's Percy Allan joins the show this week, plus Sensis CEO John Allan and SRS Coaching & Consulting's Rachel Staggs.

Disrupting the market

The theme of this week's episode is disruption, with Fidelity's Anthony Doyle, GoGet's Tom Davey and Nimble's Gavin Slater joining the show.

Sezzle, shares and property price despair

Margaret Lomas from Destiny Financial Solutions explains why she is wary about the recent property market developments, plus Sezzle CEO Charlie Youakim and Australian Foundation Investment Company CEO & MD Mark Freeman join the show.

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