7 April 2020
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We’re losing our structure, but let’s not lose our minds

This situation is affecting everyone in unprecedented ways. But what it means is that we are leaning on others for help.

Weekend at Bernie’s: The black swan that cast a shadow over idealism in US politics

How does a global pandemic affect an election? Just look at the progression of Bernie Sanders' political career.

Investing in four wheels

I spoke to Max, who invests in cars because there’s not only a return if you buy right, there’s so much enjoyment.

Property Punch-Up of the Century

Round 2 of the Property Punch-Up of the Century starring Professor Doom on house prices, Steve Keen, versus the AFR’s Chris Joye.

Could these penny dreadfuls become dollar dazzlers?

Most sub 1 cent stocks are usually choking in debt or running out of cash, with little or no ability to raise fresh equity.

Australia: Consumer and business surveys in focus

In a holiday-shortened week for most of Australia, investor attention will focus on consumer and business confidence surveys. Financial markets are still open on Monday despite holidays in a number of states.

Why gold is losing its glitter

This week, Peter Switzer speaks to Percy Allan for a Market Timing Australia update, plus: Is oOh!media (OML) a buy or a sell? Is Powerwrap (PWL) an up and coming stock to buy? And meet the new operator of BridgeClimb Sydney.

If a trade deal is coming, what stocks should you buy?

This week on Switzer TV: Investing, Dr Ross Walker, Sean Cortis, Charlie Aitken, Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy and Tim Farrelly.

Where are property prices growing the most?

Take a look at the top 10 growth suburbs in the East Coast capitals, plus the standout suburbs in regional areas.

Does alcohol cause dementia?

Does alcohol affect more than the liver and the heart?

Do mobile phones cause brain cancer?

When I read a report suggesting mobile phones don't cause brain cancer in people over 60, I'm not surprised. My major concern is when I see young children and teenagers with phones plastered to their head. It is the growing tissue that seriously concerns me as being at most risk.

Greta's 'I'm mad' speech got me thinking

Anyone who was not impressed by the communication skill and passion of climate-activist Greta Thunberg has a one-eye problem.

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