29 June 2022
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10 September 2018
"If you want to bet against Harvey Norman, you're going to lose"

Peter Switzer's full interview with Gerry Harvey.

7 September 2018
The origins of Netflix

Netflix co-founder and former CEO Marc Randolph talks to Peter Switzer about the company's humble beginnings as a DVD rental service.

5 September 2018
How to be rich and successful

Does more money really mean more problems? Gerry Harvey talks to Peter Switzer.

5 September 2018
What's going on with the economy?!

Peter Switzer explains what's happening with interest rates, the economy, the stock market... and Bill Shorten.

3 September 2018
Has earnings season been "good enough" to take us to 7000?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard take a look at how earnings season has finished up. Visit nabtrade.com.au

30 August 2018
How does Foodbank work?

Foodbank's Gerry Andersen explains how food that the supermarkets don't want helps to feed hungry Australians.

29 August 2018
How should you prepare for retirement?

What should you know before you retire? Peter Switzer asks BT's Bryan Ashenden, Story Wealth Management's Anne Graham and Robert Gottliebsen from The Australian.

24 August 2018
Learn better coping skills

Grieve, laugh and declutter.

21 August 2018
Shenanigans in Canberra

There's a showdown in Canberra plus how has earnings season affected your investment strategy?

21 August 2018
Here are the reporting season results that matter to you

Centuria CEO John McBain talks industrial and commercial property investment, plus portfolio manager Jun Bei Liu runs through the latest results from reporting season.

16 August 2018
Pat Mesiti, the 'comeback kid'

Pat Mesiti, the 'comeback kid', talks to Peter Switzer about how he changed his mindset in order to succeed.

15 August 2018
Former NZ PM talks with Peter Switzer

The Rt Hon Sir John Key visited Switzer's Sydney office and shared leadership insights over coffee.

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