13 August 2022
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Cut through all the financial clutter and get the info you need to make the right decisions for you and your family. Our expert hosts Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard cover shares, property, superannuation and everyday money management.

4 September 2018
Gerry Harvey's Hardly Normal Advice!

What would Gerry Harvey tell his children if they asked how they could become rich and successful? Plus Airbnb's Sam McDonagh and Complexica's Matthew Michalewicz.

28 August 2018
What's next for ScoMo?

Paul Murray gives his views on the leadership spill and the future of ScoMo. Plus Tristan Kitchener tells us how Aldi, and soon Kaufland, affect Coles and Woolies, and Booktopia CEO Tony Nash talks about the current state of books.

20 August 2018
Spring into property investing!

Centuria CEO John McBain talks about listed and unlisted property funds, Century 21 founder Charles Tarbey previews the Spring selling season and Dr Ross Walker explains the effects of stress on your health and wealth.

13 August 2018
Property price collapse?! How scared should you be?

Can we expect to see prices plummet across the board? We're joined by property forecast expert Robert Mellor of BIS Oxford Economics.

10 August 2018
The Switzer Show - Telstra backflip

Is the telco a buy again?

31 July 2018
The Royal Commission, the banks and your SMSF

Andrew Main joins the show to discuss the latest on the Commission and how it affects you, plus election forecaster Malcolm Mackerras offers his views on who's winning the race.

23 July 2018
Can you claim tax on edible underwear?

Edible underwear, breast enhancements, a five-star hotel and business suits. Which outrageous tax claims can you actually get away with? Another episode out tonight.

16 July 2018
Will there really be a big house price fall?

House prices to tumble in 2018! The headlines paint a scary picture, but how accurate are they? Plus, don't miss our next episode out tonight!

10 July 2018
Is Gerry Harvey worried about the rise of Amazon?

In our last podcast, Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard got personal with the man himself. New episode out tonight! Send questions to info@switzer.com.au.

3 July 2018
Is Charlie Aitken feeling good vibrations this financial year?

Our hosts Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard are joined by special guest Charlie Aitken who offers his latest investment hot stock ideas plus more.

25 June 2018
Is Australia on the verge of a total property meltdown?

What's the deal with our house prices and should we be worried? Listen to our latest podcast featuring property guru John McGrath and our in-house tax expert David Giles.

19 June 2018
The Switzer Show: What's the deal with cryptocurrency?

Everyone knows it's a game changer for finance, but did you know crypto may also be a win for the environment? We discuss this in our latest podcast, plus reveal big EOFY money tips.

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