27 November 2020
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Steve Keen

27 July 2009
On Rudd's Pain on the Road to Recovery

Australian Prime Minister Kevin Rudd has followed up his critque of neoliberalism with a new essay in the Sydney Morning Herald on the causes of the crisis, and the policies needed after recovery. With one exception, his key explanations for the crisis are the same as those identified by myself and the handful of other economists […]

13 July 2009
“No one saw this coming?" Balderdash

The widespread statement that this financial crisis was a tsunami that no one saw coming has been given the lie to by an excellent survey of economic models by Dirk Bezemer, a Professor of Economics at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. Bezemer did an extensive survey of research by economists or financial market commentators, looking for […]

26 June 2009
Green Shoots or Green Observers?

Economists have long had to endure being called "Dismal Scientists", but really that's not hard enough on them. With their proclivity to invent trite phrases to describe complex issues, they deserve to be known as Dismal Poets as well. The latest cliché off the economic jargon production line is "Green Shoots of Recovery". With governments […]

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