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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer launched his own financial business 30 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing that creates written content as well as video and films, with its latest acquisition being the global brand Harper’s Bazaar, financial advice, insurance and business advice. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones. He talks to Ben Fordham each morning on 2GB, as well as writing each day on switzer.com.au

25 August 2009
Interest rate knowns and unknowns

What in the hell is going on with interest rates? There’s a new story every day and every one of them is very believable but they are different. At the risk of doing a Donald Rumsfeld, there is one knowable — rates won’t be cut again in this country in the near future unless some […]

24 August 2009
Start of the pullback?

We have turned a little bit chicken in Australia, losing 3.82 per cent over the week on the S&P/ASX 200, while the Yanks's S&P 500 index actually went up 2.2 per cent in the same time. So, as September looms, is this the start of the often talked about pullback? Our market was not helped […]

21 August 2009
Company show and tell

The great reporting season continued with AMP coming out with a first half net profit of $362 million against an analysts tip of $341 million. The AMP team called it solid and the share market agreed with the share price spiking 2.91 per cent to $6.02. And this happened despite the second half dividend being […]

20 August 2009
Capital hit

Just when it looked safe to like the Rudd Government after its brilliant rescue of the Aussie capitalist system with way out and whacky policies such as the stimulus package, the dead heads in the party masquerading as egalitarian tax experts have come up with the idea of hitting homes with a capital gains tax. […]

19 August 2009
Financial planning overhaul

At long last, ASIC is taking action to improve the financial planning industry but the question is, have they taken a sledgehammer to crack open a peanut? ASIC has submitted its plan to clean up financial planning to a parliamentary inquiry and has recommended: An end to up-front and trailing commissions An end to volume-based […]

18 August 2009
Don't panic on rates

No matter what the headlines say. No matter what the experts warn. No matter what your gut feelings tell you, don’t panic — interest rates are not about to go sky high. And don’t live in fear of another financial shock — this is a low order risk. Don’t get me wrong, I love the […]

17 August 2009
Forget Armageddon

For a change, Wall Street has had to digest relatively bad news and the doomsday merchants, who to date have been wrong, are trying to spook the market. Now given a pullback from rising share prices is overdue I think the stock market will oblige but forget share price and economic Armageddon — those days […]

14 August 2009
First time homebuyers

A reader on Yahoo recently sent me an important question that must be front of mind for most first homebuyers when making the leap from renting, or living at home, to home ownership: how do I find out how much I can borrow? The question This was the question: “I am thinking about borrowing to […]

13 August 2009
Square root recovery

Another big up-day on Wall Street and the question remains around what kind of market recovery will we have. The out and out optimists go for the V-shaped. The cautious optimists say U-shaped. The doubters go for W-shaped and some outside-the-square thinkers are going for square root recovery! A number of my money colleagues have […]

12 August 2009
In praise of property

Christopher Joye is as mad as hell when it comes to the so-called experts bagging housing as an investment and he has started identifying the culprits who are conspiring to promote the big rivals to direct property — shares, funds, financial institutions and a complying media! And he points the finger at short-sighted super fund […]

11 August 2009
The 11 investment lessons

This is the most important story I have ever written and that’s why I want you to read it. I have penned good ones in the past but this is the most important. In February last year, I warned that the Reserve Bank would have to “turn on a dime” and cut interest rates because […]

10 August 2009
The price is not quite right

Never underestimate the negativity of headline makers from media outlets, but forgive them because they know not what they do! The latest that made me both cringe and laugh was — “Recovery comes at a price”. This was followed by bullet points — “Interest rates to rise” and “Growth to rebound quickly”. Of course, many […]

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