19 April 2021
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones.

18 May 2010
China in a Euro trap

The bears are getting an upper hand on the stock market with oil dropping below US$70 a barrel as a reflection of Europe’s woes having an impact on China. The Shanghai Composite has had a steep fall and is back to May 2009 levels. However, Wall Street showed that the smart guys and gals have […]

17 May 2010
Not Europe again

Euro-worries have again spooked Wall Street with the Dow Jones off 162.79 points to end at around 10,620.16 — that’s 1.5 per cent — and the more important S&P 500 dropped a more concerning 1.88 per cent to 1135.68. However, for the week the Dow put on 2.31 per cent and the S&P 500 added […]

14 May 2010
Good sign from Wall St

The Dow and other US markets were down overnight but there was a really good sign — Wall Street ignored promises from Portugal to be fiscally responsible, instead concentrating on the US economy! I am sure many of you might be saying: “What?” How is it good that US markets fell and it’s a positive […]

13 May 2010
Will resource tax undermine market recovery?

More good news on the stock market front with Wall Street up again and nicely higher, which reinforces my view that we’re creeping out of the European debt woods (or are they a black forest)? Whatever, the timing of this rise suggests that the bailout plan for the likes of Greece is convincing more people […]

12 May 2010
Budget - economic rabbit

The Prime Minister, Kevin Rudd, has turned to the one part of his reign that he could argue he has got right — the economy — to try and rebuild his credentials to lead, as well as his popularity. All Treasurers love to pull a rabbit out of a hat to win positive headlines in […]

11 May 2010
Post Euro bailout

Day one since Europe came to its senses with its 750 billion euro bailout of its problem child debtors and the reaction has been positive. Thank God because if the market rejected the credibility of this rescue we really would have had a Lehman Brothers Mk II market slump re-run on our hands! Happily Wall […]

10 May 2010
We could go up

Today will be a first up test of the Greek bailout package that was finally sorted out over the weekend and should be the foundations for seeing stock markets rebuild confidence. At this stage, early indications point to a down day on the local stock market but there are grounds for hope. Wall Street’s negative […]

7 May 2010
Sell-off on Wall Street

It was the worst possible outcome with the Greek debt problem colliding into what appears to be a computer stuff-up. The Yanks jokingly call it a “fat-finger typo”, where someone has hit the wrong trade. However, the incident, which saw the Dow drop close to 1000 points, shows how vulnerable world stock markets are right […]

6 May 2010
More Euro fears

With Wall Street still wary of the Euro debt problems, the question becomes — is this a reason to get out of shares or is it another buying opportunity? If you look at the economics of the US economy, the Asian economies and our own, you would have to remain a believer in the bull […]

5 May 2010
Not more Euro debt!

It was a challenging day, not just for Wall Street, but for the rest of the world’s stock markets with fears spreading that the Greek debt ‘horror movie’ could have remakes in Spain and Portugal. If the rumour mongers are right, but I suspect there are short-sellers and hedge funds at work here, we could […]

4 May 2010
The Henry resource test

Australian resource stocks and their concerned CEOs have their first test today with Wall Street strongly positive this morning. The action suggests that our market should head up and if resource share prices follow the expected trend, then Government ministers will be asking what they were whinging about? However, if they don’t have a good […]

3 May 2010
Henry vs. Wall Street

Following the Government’s response to the Henry Tax Review, which will rip around $10 billion a year off miners to fund some superannuation and small business generosity, as well as a falling company tax rate, the stock market should fall today. However, it won’t be because Treasurer Swan and his boss, K. Rudd have targeted […]

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