27 February 2021
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones.

6 April 2010
Switzer's scoreboard - US jobs report

The Switzer Stocks Scoreboard for the start of this Easter-shortened week starts with what was always going to be the biggest wealth building business news story of the week — the US jobs report. And the news was good and that helped Wall Street start the week in positive territory. The S&P 500 was up […]

1 April 2010
Don't hide behind Kochie

With the latest round of downbeat data, the Reserve Bank can’t raise interest rates on Tuesday and hide behind its newfound TV buddy — Kochie. In fact, if they raise rates on Tuesday, I would expect me old mate David to give them a serve. Retail sales fall For months the retailers kept telling us, […]

31 March 2010
The Wolf's message

What’s the appeal of a guy like Jordan Belfort, who has become ‘affectionately' known as the Wolf of Wall Street? After all, this is a guy who was a drug addict and who was jailed for behaviour unbecoming of someone who was supposed to be a trusted adviser of a New York brokerage. Well, being […]

30 March 2010
The RBA Governor on property

Beware Reserve Bank Governors giving advice as they could come with the best of intentions but still leave behind the wrong message. This was my reaction when media reports warned that Glenn Stevens said don’t just think that buying property will make you rich. It’s possibly the problem of media sound bites but when a […]

29 March 2010
Switzer's scoreboard - big market movers

I know there are a lot of concerns out there from Greece and its debt dramas to double dip talk in the US to the share spooking sinking of a South Korean ship but let’s focus on the positive. Here’s Switzer’s Share Scoreboard, which tracks the big market movers that could have a big impact […]

26 March 2010
Women better than men at trading

If Phillipa Green ran Babcock & Brown rather than Phil Green, would the Macquarie wannabe still be around today? And would the GFC market crash have been as bad and even the boom before as big, if women dominated the trading world? A great yarn in New York Magazine by Sheelah Kolhatkar posed this intriguing […]

25 March 2010
Experts on small caps

Last night on my SWITZER program on the Sky News Business Channel, Professor Ron Bewley looked at his local version of the fear index and pronounced that volatility readings suggest the market heads higher. And if he’s right it could be time to start trawling for some small cap companies that were beaten up in […]

24 March 2010
Don't be a credit card patsy

With all of the hullabaloo over Westpac charging interest on interest and fees on credit card balances, I thought it was time to remind people that to be money savvy, not wanting to be ripped off and by actually wanting to end up wealthier over time, you can’t be a credit card patsy. Discredit cards […]

23 March 2010
Media madness

The ups and downs of the stock market daily and the media reports that go with it really have to be scrutinized with the kind of cynicism you reserve for politicians. That is, you have to note what they’re saying but it’s not always wise to take them seriously. In fact, I get so tired […]

22 March 2010
Switzer's scoreboard

As a unique Monday morning offering I have created a Switzer Scoreboard that captures the big market-moving stories of last week and the ones that could move stock markets and more this week. Wall Street couldn’t make it 9 days in a row but still ended up over 1 per cent for the week. On […]

19 March 2010
Telstra - buy, sell or hold the line?

There are many questions for the 1.4 million Telstra shareholders as the telco deals with the possible break up of the company. Should you sell? Hold for the dividend? Buy more? But if you do sell, what do you buy? Government effect The less successful the Rudd Government is at breaking up Telstra, the higher […]

18 March 2010
The Kath & Kim call

Barring anything from left field, as Kath from Kath & Kim might say, “I feel it in me waters” that a stock market run up is about to happen. It comes as the Dow Jones hit a 17-month high overnight. In fact, the index is up seven days in a row, which is its best […]

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