14 April 2021
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Peter Switzer

Peter Switzer is one of Australia’s leading business and financial commentators, launching his own business 20 years ago. The Switzer Group has since grown into three successful companies spanning media and publishing, financial services and business coaching. Peter is an award-winning broadcaster, twice runner-up for the Best Current Affairs Commentator award for radio, behind broadcaster Alan Jones.

2 July 2010
Can we believe Greenspan's optimism?

Wall Street just won't give us a break with another negative day as the Dow dropped 0.42 per cent, with disappointing economic news worrying investors. However, US economist Alan Greenspan has given us a cause for a bit of calm telling us that soft patches in an economic recovery are par for the course. Two […]

1 July 2010
When will we rally?

Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus and there is often a Santa Claus rally on Wall Street. And while I could have issues with the famous Virginia comforting line, I suspect and hope we see an end-of-year rally. But right now, six months from Christmas, I think the next few weeks will be challenging […]

30 June 2010
Tough day at the office

The negative news is flowing and howling like Hurricane Alex off the Gulf of Mexico, and traders have headed for the exit doors on Wall Street. And I have to say the sellers had some solid reasons to doubt the growth outlook for the US and global economies. Apart from the usual concerns about Euro […]

29 June 2010
No double dip

The battle at the G20 meeting over the weekend got down to — to spend or not to spend — and the US, the country that has the best spenders in the world, want to keep on spending. Good on you Obama, I say, but you have to be careful. Spending your way out of […]

28 June 2010
Bulls and bears

Wall Street was undecided how to react to the financial regulation reforms, which are set to be passed by the Congress this week, and so the finish was basically flat but the feeling is the bears still hold the upper hand. However, there’s a bull story which I don’t think is bull and it’s supported […]

25 June 2010
Great news after the closing bell

Another bad day at the office on Wall Street and some of my readers and clients who can’t help but think they’re short-term investors, when in fact they are long-term wealth builders, are possibly starting to worry with the Dow down 145.64 points to 10,152.8. However, there was great news after the closing bell and […]

24 June 2010
Gillard wins top job; where to for Wall Street?

The two big stories for the morning for me were that Gillard stepped up to take the top job and that the economic signs are turning to the negative for the stock market. Let’s deal with the Gillard saga first. Breaking news At 7:30pm last night, right in the middle of my program on the […]

23 June 2010
Not worried by Wall Street falls

Another negative day on Wall Street and it would surprise me if our stock market can resist the gravitational pull. But how worried should we be right now? My answer is simple — not very. I have to confess that I don’t like dealing with a spooked stock market and that’s what we have right […]

22 June 2010
Could Abbott cruel the Telstra deal?

It was great news to see Telstra spike up 3.4 per cent yesterday, however, in the early part of the day the stock was up over seven per cent. But this was a day when the overall market was up about 1.3 per cent and even Fortescue Metals put on 4.58 per cent. The kick […]

21 June 2010
Is there a rally ahead?

The case for a rally is building but there are those who think another correction could follow that. On the other hand, some ‘experts’ see the market going up around eight to nine per cent by year’s end. The simple story is that no one knows but so long as you have a long-term approach […]

18 June 2010
US economy weakening?

After stocks had a rough day at the office, in the final hour the major US indices ended up positive, which was a pretty good effort considering some unsettling news on the economy has started to worry some investors. Remember one of the underlying bets going on in investors’ and traders’ minds is the strength […]

17 June 2010
Market stress relief is on the way

If the market’s reluctance to rise and its recent tendency to dive is stressing you out, don’t worry — there might be a stress relief market mover on the way. And if it works out, it could be the catalyst for the rally that lies ahead. The promise of a market maker, which could, if […]

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