29 February 2024
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Malcolm Mackerras

15 January 2015
The Queensland election and some advice for the Abbott Government

It could be an interesting election up north for current premier Campbell Newman this month.

31 October 2014
Musings on Gough

I have decided that my opinion on Gough Whitlam should launch my return to political commentary.

1 May 2014
Why commentary on the re-election has been unsatisfactory

by Malcolm Mackerras As I have indicated in past articles for this website, when it comes to commenting on election results I prefer to know those results before commenting. The general election which took place on Saturday 7 September 2013 was completed on Tuesday 29 April 2014 when the counts were finalised for the re-election of […]

8 April 2014
Senate election the best exercise in democracy

Almost certainly this election will be seen by historians as good for parties of the right, not only in Western Australia but in the country as a whole.

14 March 2014
Unusual writ returns

Elections for half the Senate in each state begin with the issuing of a writ by the governor of the state and end with the return of the writ to the governor.

18 February 2014
So, who really won Griffith?

The answer is that Labor won but it was important for Labor that they could be seen clearly to have won on the night.

23 January 2014
Predictions for forthcoming federal elections

In this article I elaborate on my reasoning for my forthcoming federal election predictions.

17 December 2013
The good, the bad and the defensible Abbott Government decisions

by Malcolm Mackerras With every political commentator seeing the need to comment on the first three months of the Abbott government I think I too should have my say. In my opinion the Abbott government has made one good decision, one bad decision and several which are neither good nor bad but are defensible. The […]

12 November 2013
Clive Palmer launches attacks on the AEC

It is true that Clive Palmer has launched attacks upon the AEC. Those attacks will do the AEC no harm. All they will do is harm Palmer’s reputation.

9 October 2013
Senate election - drubbing for Labor and Greens; no good for Abbott

I say that the Senate election has seen an absolute drubbing for Labor and the Greens but it has not been a good result for Abbott who has actually lost a senator, Helen Kroger (Victoria).

20 September 2013
My reaction to the election - a landslide?

One of my peculiarities is that I do not like to discuss the results of elections until I know those results.

20 August 2013
My final predictions: an Abbott or Rudd government?

Our political sage shares his predictions for who will call themselves PM post September 7. 

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