10 August 2020
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James Dunn

18 January 2017
Combining active and passive strategies with ETFs

While ETFs offer investors cost-effective and simple exposure to different markets, asset classes and strategies, they can also work well with traditional investment tools to help build strong portfolios.

30 November 2016
3 ways smart beta can enhance your portfolio

Smart beta ETFs can help investors hoping to maximise their income and minimise risk. Here are three ways smart beta can enhance your portfolio.

28 November 2016
Treat your SMSF cash as an investment (and diversify it)

Savvy SMSFs operate a savings account in addition to their cash management account to ensure all of their cash assets are working as hard as possible. Find out more.

21 September 2016
How to access hard-to-reach asset classes

Retail investors still face a universe of untapped opportunities. ETFs can offer investors access to everything from small companies to specific emerging market equities to help grow their wealth.

24 August 2016
Help secure your capital with fixed income ETFs

In these volatile times, Australians are looking to fixed interest to give their investment portfolio stability and a consistent flow of income.

11 August 2016
Gold Series Part 3: income overview

An income angle to gold has arisen, in the form of greater dividends than ever before from gold mining stocks.

3 August 2016
Gold Series Part 2: How to buy gold

In Part 2 of the Gold Series, we explain how easy it is to access the metal and take advantage of its potential upside.

27 July 2016
Is gold a long-term performer?

Gold is often referred to as a safe-haven investment, but has it justified that reputation over the long term? We take a look.

14 July 2016
How to access global markets in one easy transaction

With growing investor interest in overseas markets, Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are a simple and low-cost way to access a world of opportunity.

8 June 2016
The secret to building a low-cost portfolio

Keeping costs low during the search for yield is an important strategy. Luckily, there are useful tools out there to help build a low-cost and diversified portfolio.

1 June 2016
Building a low-cost portfolio

Diversification is an important weapon for your investment portfolio and thankfully, it doesn’t have to come at a large cost.

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