10 August 2020
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Fi Bendall

1 September 2017
Why small businesses find it so hard to trust

It's time to give it them little bit more love.

25 August 2017
10 steps to avoid employing the wrong people

Employing the wrong people can have devastating effects on company culture as well as your bottom line.

18 August 2017
Amazon's plan to get inside your home

Amazon has another card up its sleeve - the Echo range of voice-controlled speakers powered by its AI platform, Alexa.

11 August 2017
An intro to the bewildering world of Snapchat

In the past five years, Snapchat has gone from nowhere to everywhere. But can it avoid the same fate as that once ubiquitous social platform, MySpace?

4 August 2017
When I grow up, I want to be ...

We might not know where technologies like AI and automation are taking us, but that doesn't necessarily mean it's a place without jobs.

21 July 2017
Why all companies need digital thinkers on their boards

Few companies can now afford to be without digital expertise in their executive ranks and at a board level.

14 July 2017
Ghost stores and other retail horror stories

New channels that have emerged have made it easier for customers to shop. It's important for retailers to work out how they can optimise and harmonise all those new channels.

7 July 2017
Are women getting a better deal?

There has rightfully been plenty of news and analysis recently about the scourge of sexism in the tech industry, especially from the epicentre of the industry, Silicon Valley.

30 June 2017
Network Ten woes in a world of on-demand entertainment

In a media landscape dominated by online platforms like Facebook and Netflix, it's no surprise one of Australia's commercial free-to-air networks has fallen on hard times.

20 June 2017
What role will emotional intelligence play in an AI world?

Strong emotional intelligence can separate good leaders from great leaders. But what happens when artificial intelligence masters the ins and outs of emotions too?

28 April 2017
5 ways to stand out on social media

Getting the hang of social lingo and protocol can help you avoid standing out on social media for all the wrong reasons.

21 April 2017
5 things successful business leaders do each day

What makes successful CEOs tick? And what's the secret to their success? Here are five daily habits that help them get ahead of the pack.

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