23 October 2021
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David Bates

3 May 2017
The wage underpayment saga continues

Caltex is now the latest brand to be tarnished by seemingly widespread wage underpayments by some of its franchisees.

11 April 2017
Enterprise agreements come unstuck

The Fair Work Commission will shortly determine whether an old Coles Enterprise Agreement also needs to be quashed. If it is, the entire EA-making system could begin to fall apart.

5 April 2017
Masterchef cooks up a Fair Work disaster

George Calombaris is the latest Aussie employer to discover that our nation’s complex employment laws make it virtually impossible to pay employees correctly, says David Bates.

29 March 2017
More HR myths busted

Given the nature of the 24-hour news cycle – and the might of the ACTU's media machine – a range of myths about some Fair Work developments have been incorrectly reported as facts. Let’s set the record straight.

15 March 2017
Annual leave changes causing confusion

If your employees are covered by one of the nation’s 122 Modern Awards, chances are you’re unaware significant changes were made by the Fair Work Commission to their annual leave entitlements in 2016.

8 March 2017
Fair Work Ombudsman throws in the towel

It seems the Fair Work Ombudsman has simply decided educating employers about their obligations is just too hard, says David Bates.

28 February 2017
6 facts about the penalty rates decision

The Fair Work Commission's decision to reduce penalty rates for some employees on Sundays and public holidays was completely unsurprising to those who follow the Commission’s work in this area. Let's take a look at some of the facts.

21 February 2017
Time to restore confidence in the Fair Work Commission

With a number of Commissioners resigning from the Fair Work Commission, will Employment Minister Michaelia Cash appoint some actual small business owners?

15 February 2017
High hopes for Michaelia Cash, dashed

You would think an election triggered by contentious employment-related legislation would see the Employment Minister given a very high-profile role during the campaign. And now, the icing on the cake.

8 February 2017
Small business won't miss this Coalition Government

To the confused and defeated Liberal and National MPs who might wonder 'what happened?' when the next federal election comes around, here's what went wrong.

1 February 2017
Two takeaways from the Pizza Hut pay saga

Here are two things every employer can learn from the latest underpayment fiasco.

25 January 2017
Why I'm with VP Watson

The very public resignation of the fourth most senior-ranked Fair Work Commissioner – and the publication of his scathing resignation letter – is a major slap in the face for the Commission.

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