23 October 2021
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David Bates

12 September 2018
3 things you must know about adverse action claims

It pays to ensure you’re not at risk of an expensive and time consuming adverse action claim any time soon.

5 September 2018
All I'm asking is for a little R-E-S-P-E-C-T

Secretary of the ACTU, Sally McManus, believes if a law is unjust, there’s no problem breaking it. Do individuals have the right to judge what is just or should we respect the law because it’s the law?

28 August 2018
Workplace relations back on the table

Will the new Minister for Industrial Relations, Kelly O’Dwyer, get the system working better for everyone?

24 August 2018
Can your boss be your buddy?

Maybe not.

21 August 2018
Mate or workmate? Boss or buddy?

When relationships continue after working hours, how exposed are employers to bullying, sexual harassment, defamation and physical harm?

14 August 2018
Before you fire someone, read these tips!

Dismissing an employee can be one of the hardest things an employer has to do.

7 August 2018
The shocking surprises that confront new employers

Hiring and firing is a legal minefield.

1 August 2018
Law change gives Australians five days off a year for domestic violence

The tragedy remains that we need this form of leave at all.

25 July 2018
The blurring line between work and play

Social media can be an HR disaster waiting to happen.

30 May 2017
Myth busting: Annual leave

It’s time to test your knowledge about annual leave. Today, we bust some common myths and explain the facts.

23 May 2017
The importance of good HR advice

A recent decision by the Fair Work Commission against Komatsu Forklift Australia highlights how important it can be for employers to seek professional advice.

9 May 2017
Online medical certificates: An employer headache

Would a medical certificate issued by a GP who has never met your employee in person satisfy a ‘reasonable person’ that the sick leave was justified?

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