23 October 2021
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David Bates

5 February 2014
The immunity that's not an immunity

Let me explain (and please accept my apologies in advance – this doesn’t end well for employers).

24 January 2014
The biggest HR problem in Australia: unscrupulous lawyers

The biggest HR problem facing employers is not the law, or the ineffectiveness of the misleadingly-named Fair Work Commission, or even employees themselves…

8 January 2014
4 simple steps to HR success in 2014

Now is the perfect time to take some very simple steps to ensure HR – and business – success during the year ahead.

12 December 2013
The Holden Enterprise Agreement: lessons for every employer

Holden’s announcement that it will close its Australian operations in 2017 comes as no surprise to HR practitioners.

28 November 2013
Sharing the load: helping your employees help you

I often hear from clients that they wish their employees had a better understanding of what they deal with and would offer them more support.

14 November 2013
Need more flexibility? Use a new and improved IFA

Many employers – particularly those running small businesses – are becoming increasingly frustrated with the lack of flexibility provided by the Fair Work laws.

6 November 2013
The Fair Work Commission: just not good enough

The Fair Work Commission (FWC), has published its 2012-13 Annual Report. It certainly makes for interesting reading, and by interesting, I actually mean deeply disturbing.

31 October 2013
Mobile phones: driving employers crazy

We’ve all been there – we’re right in the middle of a face-to-face conversation, when without warning, they look down at their mobile phone and begin mindlessly scrolling.

25 October 2013
Avoid HR disasters at your Christmas Party!

Getting ready to host your company’s annual Christmas Party? Here are some helpful hints to ensure your event is merry in all the right ways.

16 October 2013
Sticks and stones: 5 new workplace bullying laws

From 1 January 2014, most Australian employees will be eligible to lodge workplace bullying claims directly with the Fair Work Commission (FWC)

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