21 September 2020
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David Bassanese

2 August 2017
Should we consider more drastic measures for a lower dollar?

The bad news for the economy and local corporate earnings is that the Aussie dollar remains strong. So should we consider new ways to deal with it?

19 July 2017
Is the soaring Aussie dollar just an overreaction to recent events?

The Aussie dollar looks tantalisingly close to US80c - but is this upward move just an overreaction to commentary from the US Fed and the RBA?

5 July 2017
Don't expect RBA to join policy tightening bandwagon

The RBA refused to join the chorus of central banks who have decided to flag the possibility of policy tightening later this year.

21 June 2017
Is Moody's bank downgrade cause for shock and alarm?

Global ratings agency Moody’s has marginally downgraded their long-term bank credit ratings - so should we be worried?

7 June 2017
Can America's economic expansion continue?

For America's economic expansion to continue, the leading economy must produce decent productivity growth on the back of labour-saving business investment.

24 May 2017
Downbeat consumers are the main economic risk

The main risk to the Aussie economy is not the direct threat to house prices or the banks, but what these ongoing warnings are doing to the psyche of consumers.

10 May 2017
Forget the rhetoric - how does the Budget fare on policy?

At face value, the latest Budget represents a shameless shift in political principal: toward the centre. But what about the policy merits of the Budget?

27 April 2017
Australia has 3 distinct housing challenges

Australia's regionally diverse housing challenges, and the regionally diversified operations of our major banks, suggest a major national housing boom or bust - or a systemic risk to our banks - is likely to be avoided for the foreseeable future.

12 April 2017
How will the Budget tackle housing affordability?

Under pressure to be seen as doing something, it seems likely that the Budget will contain detailed measures to deal with Australia’s alleged 'housing affordability crisis'.

31 March 2017
Banks lift mortgage rates without widespread criticism. Why?

The recent decision by Australia’s major banks to lift mortgage interest rates has not been met with the usual condemnation. So what gives?

15 March 2017
The case for making some people worse off

Let's explore one of the blights of public policy-making these days, namely the inability to put forward a policy that makes at least one section of the community worse off.

1 March 2017
RBA wary of bubbly property markets

The upshot of recent commentary from the Reserve Bank of Australia is pretty clear: our new suite of so-called “macro-prudential” controls to contain risks in the housing sector have failed miserably.

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