21 September 2020
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David Bassanese

23 January 2018
A warning to central banks

If the central banks fail, will we see another GFC?

10 January 2018
3 things that will affect the stock market in 2018

Watch out for these key issues.

19 December 2017
Where the budget is heading

The budget has been all the talk this week.

6 December 2017
Banks a buy in 2018

Don’t laugh – I don’t mean local bank stocks.

22 November 2017
Will rate rises happen soon?

The RBA’s hope is that the gathering strength in business investment and ongoing growth in employment will eventually lead to a lift in wages growth.

8 November 2017
Is the ASX overvalued? It's all in the numbers

What will happen now we’ve broken the 6,000 level?

24 October 2017
Bitcoin - is this time different?

If something looks like a duck and walks like a duck – chances are it’s a duck.

11 October 2017
Households and business in tug-of-war over economy

Businesses are confident but consumers aren't so sure.

27 September 2017
America's economic expansion could just keep going

Could it be the gift that keeps on giving?

18 September 2017
Don't lose faith in global equity markets

Of course there is the North Korean problem, but the South Korean equity market doesn't seem that bothered.

30 August 2017
ABC's Four Corners misses the real story on dodgy lending practices

Will the Australian property market crash like the US?

16 August 2017
Fear not over-indebted households - there's safety in numbers

The good news for Aussie households is that their debt vulnerability hasn't gone unnoticed at the RBA.

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