3 March 2021
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David Bassanese

29 October 2014
Day of reckoning

A day of reckoning may still be at hand given the US Federal Reserve faces the task of raising interest rates next year on a scale possibly not seen since the bond market blood bath of 1994.

22 October 2014
Is the worst yet to come?

Share markets have bounced back over the past week but it is still hard to be confident the worst is over.

15 October 2014
Contradictions behind the market pullback

The pullback in global equity markets of late seems to reflect a combination of seemingly contradictory fears.

8 October 2014
Market outlook

With global equity markets on the back foot, and an element of investor panic creeping in, it's worth stepping back and assessing the broader outlook.

1 October 2014
Major banks' strengths and challenges

Our banks are becoming a bit more like utilities, with limited growth potential but still with an ability to churn out a good return on the assets they deploy.

24 September 2014
Tackling Australia's housing market problems

The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) will today unveil its quarterly Financial Stability Review, and is likely to ratchet up its rhetoric against rising house prices.

17 September 2014
On the Aussie dollar

Great news for Australian investors and the economy is that the Australian dollar finally appears to be re-aligning itself with fundamentals.

10 September 2014
Should we be worried about a housing bubble?

The solid growth in investor home lending approvals has again raised questions over whether bubble conditions are forming, and the extent to which to the RBA should be worried.

3 September 2014
Incremental changes to RBA statement

For starters, it noted the recent weakening in the Chinese property market which it conceded is “a challenge in the near term”.

27 August 2014
Long-term bear on Europe and Japan

Global stock markets these days are looking for any excuse to rally. But some excuses are better than others.

20 August 2014
How long will the good times roll?

The upward march of Wall Street has many analysts worried that the good times simply can’t last forever. But it is still far from clear the good times can’t last at least a few more years.

13 August 2014
Surprising respite from negativity

It’s fair to say this week’s National Australian Bank July business survey was a welcome respite from what was starting to become a drumbeat of negativity surrounding the economy.

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