3 March 2021
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David Bassanese

4 February 2015
5 lessons to learn from the RBA

The Reserve Bank's cut yesterday took some of us by surprise, so it's important to understand what it looks at when it's making important rate movement decisions.

28 January 2015
A false start for rate cut expectations

The growing calls for a reduction in interest rates may be more fuelled by FOMO (fear of missing out) than the actual data, which is actually starting to improve.

21 January 2015
There's still hope for global growth

The International Monetary Fund has downgraded its expectations for global growth, but if you dig into the numbers, all is not as bad as it first appears.

14 January 2015
The interest rate bias that dare not speak its name

It might have been tempting to start expecting an interest rate cut, but the data now suggests that although the RBA has an (unspoken) easing bias, rates should remain on hold for a while yet.

7 January 2015
What will happen to the market in 2015?

On the surface, the market didn't seem to go anywhere in 2014. But add in dividends and franking and it did much better than cash. With a slightly brighter 2015 expected, total returns in equities should be solid.

17 December 2014
It's time to spend and stimulate

We need cool heads willing to focus on growth and bolstering sentiment, rather than trying to get unachievable spending cuts through an increasingly populist Senate.

10 December 2014
Long term looks good for Aussie equities

The recent news might all seem negative but, actually, earnings are due for a period of above-trend growth and the medium-term outlook for the Australian equity market still looks favourable.

3 December 2014
The case for a rate cut at home

Rates were left on hold yesterday but it looks like the Reserve Bank is starting to flirt with the idea of moving lower, particularly if the Aussie dollar doesn't drop further.

26 November 2014
Good omens for Chinese stocks

The latest interest rate cut by the Bank of China shows the authorities are still very interested in keeping the economy going. Meanwhile, equities have been underplayed and look like very good value.

19 November 2014
Time to buy Japanese equities

Despite the fact Japan once again appears in ‘recession’, aggressive monetary stimulus underway by the Bank of Japan suggests now might be a good time to consider Japanese equities.

12 November 2014
Rejoice in rate stability

Interest rates could be on hold for another 12 months, which means it's time to make sure you're getting the best offer from your bank.

4 November 2014
Global currency war

I suspect the real reason many central banks are still flooding markets with liquidity is to engage in a kind of guerrilla global currency war.

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