20 January 2020
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Sydney & Melbourne house prices to surge over 14%

15 November 2019

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A common issue for men over 50 | Part 2

Dr Ross Walker explains two more things you need to consider about erectile dysfunction.

REA's Nerida Conisbee says house prices are rising!

Nerida Conisbee, Rich Harvey, Paul Miron and Paul Myliotis join Peter Switzer for the final Switzer TV: Property of 2019.

Donald Trump unchained!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the likely outcome of next year's US presidential election, whether technology companies could threaten the big banks and how NAB has been nabbed.

What role does Ubiquinol play in your body and overall health?

Dr Ross Walker explains to Peter Switzer what Ubiquinol is and the effects it can have.

Experts tip their stocks for 2020

On our final episode of Switzer TV: Investing of the year, Peter Switzer is joined by Michael McCarthy, Julia Lee, Paul Rickard and ​Camilla Love.

Is a housing recovery our only hope?

Peter White and Charles Mellick join Peter Switzer on this week's show.

Investing has changed

James Mawhinney from Mayfair Platinum speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

Green light for Donald's impeachment - will it be bad for stocks?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss Donald Trump's impeachment proceedings, BoJo's election chances and the looming December 15 tariff increase.

MSquared Capital Contributory Mortgage Income Fund

Paul Myliotis from MSquared speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

Introduction to Trilogy

Walter Raspopin from Trilogy speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

The charts say stocks to boom in 2020!

Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, ​Michael Gable and Paul Rickard join this week's show.

Charter Hall Direct Property Funds

Steven Bennett from Charter Hall speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

A smart road to wealth

Jamie McGeachie from Investors Central speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

A more tax efficient income solution

Dermot Ryan from AMP Capital speaks at the Switzer Income Conference 2019.

3 important studies on heart disease

Dr Ross Walker shares the details of 3 studies about heart disease and how they could be relevant to you.

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