29 March 2020
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Experts' analysis of retail sector with Christmas shopping looming

22 October 2019

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Tales of hope in an era of panic

Switzer visited some businesses around our office building to shine a light on small Australian businesses that are prevailing throughout coronavirus lockdowns.

Why are more people becoming sensitive to gluten?

Dr Ross Walker shares some information about celiac disease and gluten sensitivity.

Will coronavirus crush real estate prices?!

Find out what property experts Anna Porter, Louis Christopher and Paul Rickard think about the coronavirus and its impact on the property market.

Robert Proulx from Imagion Biosystems (IBX)

Peter Switzer is joined by the CEO of medical imaging company Imagion Biosystems (IBX), Robert Proulx.

Can you trust the 11% rally on Wall Street overnight?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the Dow's jump overnight, if there are any companies worth buying right now, and a word of warning.

How are experts playing the sharemarket? Buy-time? Or not yet?

Michael Gable, Michael McCarthy, Julia Lee, Peter Thornhill and Paul Rickard join Peter Switzer in the latest episode of Switzer TV: Investing.

Why almost all heart disease is genetic

Dr Ross Walker explains the two main genetic causes of heart disease that make up 90% of cases.

How will coronavirus affect Australia's real estate market and house prices?

Peter Switzer is joined by Mark Armstrong, Nigel Stapledon and Andrew Winter.

Mad about Money

Peter Switzer discusses the latest market developments and what is making him mad in the latest live episode of Mad about Money.

Getting real about the stock market sell off!

Peter Switzer catches up with Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard, David Zammit and Russel Pillemer.

Sudden cardiac death in older people

Dr Ross Walker explains what makes sudden cardiac death in older people different.

How would the coronavirus hit house prices & 8 reasons not to buy off-the-plan

Charlies Tarbey, Margaret Lomas and Tom Panos join Peter Switzer this week.

Why we’re really MAD about money right now!

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the latest market developments and what is making them really mad in the latest live episode of Mad about Money.

Stock market disaster? Or buying opportunity?

Following the worst day for the Australian sharemarket in over a decade, Peter Switzer speaks to Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard and ST Wong to find out how they're responding.

Sudden cardiac death in young people

Dr Ross Walker explains what sudden cardiac death is and what you should do if you think you could be at risk.

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