25 January 2021
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Who’s the most liked Aussie Premier?

Sophia Katsinas
3 July 2020

According to Newspoll data collected for The Australian between 24-27 June, Tasmania, Western Australia and South Australia are the most satisfied with their Premier’s leadership and performance in handling COVID-19. These are also the states that have had the lowest COVID-19 transmission rates, along with Northern Territory and ACT.

According to Newspoll for The Australian, Peter Gutwein from Tasmania is the most popular Aussie Premier, followed by Mark McGowan (Western Australia), Steven Marshall (South Australia), Gladys Berijiklian (NSW), Daniel Andrews (Victoria) and Annastacia Palaszczuk (Queensland).

The Essential Report tracked the decline in support for Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews, which was down 10% last week (from 75% to 65%) after a spike in new cases of COVID-19.

This same data tracked that 70% of NSW residents rate their state government’s COVID-19 response as “good”, as do 79% of South Australians and 75% of Western Australians. Victoria and Queensland have the lowest record of support for their state governments’ responses, with 65% of Victorians rating Daniel Andrew’s government’s response as “good” and 64% of Queenslanders doing the same for the sunshine state.

Data from The Essential Report shows support for the Liberal government’s COVID-19 response has grown. In April, 65% of Australians thought the Governments COVID-19 handling was good. At the end of June, 71% of Australians supported Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s coronavirus response.

According to The Essential Report, 57% of Australians disapproved of the PM’s handling of the bushfire crisis. Meanwhile, 55% of NSW residents approved Gladys Berijiklian’s leadership during the bushfires and 58% of Victorians approved Daniel Andrews’ response.

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