29 March 2020
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A story of hand sanitisers

Sophia Katsinas
24 March 2020

New Zealand-based antibacterial product company Zoono Group made headlines at the end of February, for a 17% rise in stock prices, after its products were proven popular and effective amid the coronavirus outbreak. Zoono released a statement to the ASX in February declaring their products had been laboratory tested to prove that the Z-71 Microbe Shield technology in their sanitiser was almost 100% effective against coronavirus.

That day, Zoono shares rose nearly 20% in early trade and settled up 28 cents to $1.90 each.

As of 5 March, sales of Zoono’s $6 sanitiser increased to $100,000 per day, as opposed to $20,000 per month before the coronavirus outbreak. The New Zealand Herald reported on March 5 that “over the past month the company’s share price has increased by 250 per cent and last traded at $2.25”.

On March 23, Zoono released another statement on the ASX clarifying that “the testing of Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield was conducted on the COVID-19 Surrogate known as the Feline Coronavirus not the COVID-19 virus itself”. They continued to report that “the Companies hand sanitiser has now also been tested against the COVID-19 surrogate Feline Coronavirus and has shown to be effective at >99.99%.” Their last trade price as of 3.05pm on March 23 was $1.12.

Australian company Wellness and Beauty Solutions Limited (WNB) has launched an anti-bacterial range, through its subsidiary ‘The Giving Brands Company’, called MICRO-19.

The company received its first order from Chemist Warehouse, which exceeded $400,000, and are negotiating further retail partners in Asia.

Wellness and Beauty Solutions wholly owns the subsidiary, The Giving Brands Company, where they have steady access to product formulations and experience in product chemistry, manufacturing, marketing, packaging, distributions and retail partnerships.

“Within the current environment and the exponential spread of COVID-19, demand for anti-bacterial and sanitiser products is currently incredibly high and we expect this level of demand will be sustained for some time to come given the likely protracted nature of the current response,” said Managing Director of Wellness and Beauty Solutions, Christine Parkes.

“In response to the evolving situation, we spent the last six weeks accelerating the development of our anti-bacterial products, which are now ready for launch with our first customer order. Our ability to be nimble has allowed us to move quickly on this opportunity.”

The launch will include the following products:

  • MICRO19 Hand Sanitiser Pump in 300ml and 50ml peach scent.
  • MICRO19 Room and Surface Spray 200ml orange scent.
  • MICRO19 Hand Sanitiser 50ml cucumber and peach scent.

On March 18, when WNB announced the launch of their sanitiser products, their share price went from 0.002 on March 16 to 0.008 on March 18.

Wellness and Beauty Solutions are not the only company thinking innovatively, as one of Australia’s biggest packaging companies, Pact Group Holdings Ltd (PGH), recently announced they too are launching a new hand sanitiser range.

The ASX-listed company focus on supplies and packaging for a range of goods including chemicals and industrial cleaning products. They are now introducing new hand sanitiser products amidst the sanitiser shortage.

"What I'm really happy about is that we're able to meet a community need in what is a pretty dire time," said Pact Group’s CEO Greg Beilby. "Whenever I speak to my friends, no-one can get their hands on hand sanitiser. It's become the new liquid gold."

As of March 23 at 3.18pm, PGH is trading at $1.31.

For as long as this virus is around, sanitisers will certainly maintain their popularity as liquid gold.

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