15 April 2021
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The Wolf's message

Peter Switzer
31 March 2010

What’s the appeal of a guy like Jordan Belfort, who has become ‘affectionately' known as the Wolf of Wall Street? After all, this is a guy who was a drug addict and who was jailed for behaviour unbecoming of someone who was supposed to be a trusted adviser of a New York brokerage.

Well, being an author of a global best-selling book, entitled The Wolf of Wall Street is one good reason why this guy can draw a crowd when he speaks. Another reason might be because his book and story has captured the imagination of the doyen of directors, Martin Scorsese, as well as Leo DiCaprio, who will actually play Jordan, in an upcoming movie.

Intrinsic value

Yeah, that kind of very unique achievement would have to attract a crowd but his followers couldn’t just be star chasers. There has to be some intrinsic value from listening to this guy.

When I interviewed him on my program he referred to a Sydney kid called Zac who had a problem with drugs and had been sober for some time, who was lining up to hear Jordan speak again after hearing him last September. The Wolf had struck a chord with this young man and now has got his act together.

Of course, if Jordan had to rely on attracting others like Zac to his seminars he could probably conduct it in a suburban bus shelter — the show up rate would not be impressive.

Influencer and persuader

No, the appeal of Jordan is that he’s an influencer and a persuader. That’s how he took his small brokerage to one that had 1000 employees. He was an ultimate salesman but he didn’t just sell to customers but also his army of young salespeople who he led and I guess misled as he zeroed in on his business success and then failure story.

Losing his family and ending up in jail resulted in him mending his ways but it did not mean that he lost his gift — to persuade and to sell.

Selling success

He now is selling a different ‘product’ and in a nutshell it is success.

Most of us have an inner-desire to become an out-performer or what Malcolm Gladwell calls ‘outliers’.

He says the best have the luck of being in good company — mentors, coaches, advisers, bosses, teachers and parents — that give them an inside edge. But then they put in the big hours to become outside the square performers. In fact, he says there’s a common characteristic of great performers and it is that they have put in 10,000 hours of practice and it’s this commitment that explains the top-notch performers.

Competitive edge

Many of us lack the desire to win. Many of us are procrastinators but some of us are realistic about ourselves and so look for inspiration from the likes of Jordan Belfort.

Without doubt people like the Wolf have insights that help you get the competitive edge and being able to persuade someone of your point of view is a critical building block in success, be it for your life, your career or your business.

Jerry Seinfeld has a comedy routine where he says men are genetically programmed to want to do big things. They want to build roads, bridges and skyscrapers but why don’t they do it? As Seinfeld comically, but poignantly, observes: “It’s too hard!”

Game breaker

Inspirers, influencers and persuaders such as Jordan can’t change you — you have to do that — but the first step might be for you to be smart enough to open up your ears, eyes and your brain to people who have insights that could prove to be a game breaker in your quest to kick some big life goals.


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