3 April 2020
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The idiot box

The last thing I want to do is add to the sad situation of Senator Jacqui Lambie and what she thinks passes as fair comment in the media, especially as an elected official of Australia.

However, I do have to ask, are we letting the new age of the media — which includes low-grade entertainment on traditional media such as radio and TV and the abominations that are now seen as ordinary fare on the Internet’s DIY media outlet, YouTube — go beyond the pale?

Unfortunately, over the past few decades the standards we expect in the media have passed through the old stuffy world of BBC/ABC stiff upper lip journalism and entertainment to a well-received more accessible kind of media, where a business such as Channel 9 under Kerry Packer could be No. 1 based on sport and top-rating news and A Current Affair.

But in the past decade, reality TV has come to haunt us, and we apparently like it, but this has given birth to low-rent, often pathetic, DIY media creations by wannabee media starts via YouTube.

I had an awful feeling a number of years ago when those daggy singers used YouTube to create a top-selling video while sliding on running machines. That brilliant Google informs me it was OK Go’s Here We Go Again.

It was May 2007 and this has given birth to millions of hopefuls who are trying to get their 15 minute of fame, as Andy Warhol once put it, but it's going longer than 15 minutes.

The ABC’s Four Corners looked at the out-of-control world thanks to YouTube where pests are behaving badly and filming it, where young girls are searching for ‘likes’ and unwittingly not only attracting other young ‘likes’ chasers but undoubtedly pedophiles as well!

Psychologists say we are looking at a tsunami of narcissists with grandiose expectations, and it isn’t helped when a Senator of Australia shows herself to be a YouTube star in the making.

I ‘d love there to be a wise regulator for the world but I know that is never going to happen. So I guess we parents, teachers and business, as well as society’s leaders, have to start setting better examples. Who knows, it might even get through to programmers at radio and television stations one day.

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