19 February 2020
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Sex, lies and blog posts

Since the media decided to expose the extramarital antics of the former NSW Minister John Della Bosca, I’ve been listening to comments, from women in particular, about this. The majority of females aired views pretty much in line with what I picked up as a blog response posted by Mike Honcho to Tim Andrew’s comment piece on vexnews.com on 1 September:

“There are three reason that having affairs matter when it comes to our political leaders:

“1. As leaders, they set an example for others to follow. Condoning politicians cheating on their partners undermines general moral standards;

“2. A leader who can’t keep it in their pants lacks the discipline necessary to do their job; and

“3. A cheating politician shows extreme disloyalty to his own family. If they are that ready to turn on their flesh and blood, then what chance does the ordinary punter who elected them have?”

My women friends and associates of all ages made me feel reassured that some women want standards, and believe in partnerships, which, after all, is what a marriage is. One friend of the same age as the female in the Della Bosca affair, said she knows many young women who actually hunt married men who are financially established because they don’t want to wait to build up wealth over time (as they’d have to with a partner their own age). They wanted it all – now – and pity help the wife and kids who get in the way.

We women need to come to terms with certain weaknesses that our sisters have in playing sex games with men. Over our history, we’ve often used sex as the only lure we’ve had to get into business or wealth positions. Trouble is, when sex is the bait, there’s always someone younger and sexier who comes along.

I picked up a copy of OK! magazine the other day by pure chance and found myself flicking through its pages. Is the now fatter Brad Pitt having marital issues with Angelina? Has the spice finally gone from David and Victoria Beckham’s bedroom? My brain went into overdrive with the toxicity of the information in this rag. As reason re-entered and I put the magazine down, I was left wondering what such rubbish – though compelling trash in one way – must do to the young minds of its readers.

Anyone can point the finger of blame at Della Bosca, who should have more sense than to think that someone who was his partner in adultery wouldn’t blurt to the media. But let’s face it, there are so many men who, by their programming, find it almost impossible to resist the sexual attention-seeking actions of women. Many males behave in a way that reveals they’ve only been out of the trees a short while. But isn’t it also time we women stopped baiting men? Isn’t it time we understood that many men just haven’t advanced – but that we act in true sisterhood and don’t prey on these men, to the detriment of their wives and children?

Once women get smarter and more unified, we will soar to places in business far beyond our wildest dreams.

Important information:This content has been prepared without taking account of the objectives, financial situation or needs of any particular individual. It does not constitute formal advice. For this reason, any individual should, before acting, consider the appropriateness of the information, having regard to the individual’s objectives, financial situation and needs and, if necessary, seek appropriate professional advice


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