19 February 2020
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My halcyon days

Maureen Jordan
6 May 2019

If anyone at the office today asks me how my weekend was, I think I’ll sigh, grasping for words to describe three days of adventures in paradise on the far north coast of New South Wales.

Owning a magazine/website called RUSSH offers lots of opportunities for those with time to pursue them but as I run a financial services business at least 24/5 I rarely have the time to indulge myself on getaways that many would jump at. Believe me, years ago I used to but the last few have been full on.

Reclining for hours on the broad blue and white striped deck chairs surrounding the pool at Halcyon House, Cabarita, was what my father would have described as “better than a chemist’s shop”. The sandy white beach was an arm’s distance away, the sky was true blue and the waves rolled in perfect coils. “Outrageously fantastic” were the words I what’s app’d to my jetsetter friend who tried to tell me that his time on a Greek island was incomparable. Not so. I wouldn’t have jet lag after my mere one-and-a-half-hour trip back to Sydney tomorrow. And I didn’t lose at least 30% of the value of my dollar when I shopped.

Yes, I enjoyed every nano second of this time away but being the dedicated follower of business that I am, what I loved was reflecting on the ingenuity of two sisters, Siobhan and Elisha Bickle, who purchased the former surfing motel in 2011 and transformed it into one of the top 100 boutique hotels in the world. 

Australians who create such beautiful places that enhance the natural environment deserve to be applauded. I admire so much what Justin Hemmes has done with his hotel developments and the Bickle sisters are doing it for themselves – and us!

I felt so inspired that it made me write these 7 points. I love property and if I had spare pots of gold, I’d love to emulate this. But my time is spent developing a different kind of business, for now.

If you’re looking for a bit of inspiration as you kick off your week, try these ‘lessons’ learnt lounging on the lawn just south of the Queensland border during my three halcyon days.  

1. Get out of your comfort zone. Just stop loafing around and being distracted with things that will never bring you happiness or money.

2. Start imagining what you can do, then make it happen. Make your goals big and daring – dream big. Even if you don’t reach that goal, what you achieve will still be ‘awesome’. Paint a picture for your future — even put it on your screen-saver so you see it daily and don’t forget it — and plan for it. If you’re turning over a million dollars a year today, be thinking of how you’ll be turning over $5 million in five years.

3. Find someone you know who has achieved something significant and who has commitment, courage and passion. They don’t have to be perfect but you can learn from them.

4. Never think you have all the answers. Work very hard at listening – the learning is in the listening.

5. Choose to do something uncomfortable, which may even unsettle you a little. Talk to people who don’t necessarily agree with you. People who have different views to you can challenge you to think more broadly, which helps you grow. Remember, nearly everything we want in life is just outside our comfort zone.

6. You’ll never build a reputation on what you’re going to do. You have to act and do the necessary work with guts. While loafing on the grass on Sunday, I finished a book a friend gave me that opened my mind to new thoughts. If you need help getting motivated, go out and buy a literally little book called MAKE YOUR BED. Written by US Admiral William H. McRaven, his 130 pages drew this response from The Wall Street Journal: “A book to inspire your children and grandchildren to become everything that they can.” It will be good for you too!

7. Laugh and have fun. Success isn’t about money, it’s about people. If people in your life believe in you and your success dream, money will follow.

And one day, treat yourself to two or three days of time out in a place just south of the border, down Cabarita way. It is outrageously fantastic.

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