19 February 2020
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Beyond politics

by Maureen Jordan

Who is Phil Stanton of Mullaway and why is he saying such horrible things about Peta Credlin? This was my reaction to a Letter to the Editor in the SMH yesterday.

It was short but shocking when you understand that this was written in the context of the tragedy that was MH17.

This is what poor old Phil thought could pass for fair comment: “At last!” cried Peta Credlin as she reviewed the MH17 disaster and planned Tony Abbott’s daily agenda. “A Tampa/Port Arthur moment just in time!” This is what simple Phil believed Credlin would be thinking. Shame.

Before even trying to understand vindictive and emotionless Phil, who could think this, let alone write it, without feeling they’re trivialising something that is beyond politics?

You don’t have to be Columbo to do the forensics on Phil but let’s sketch him anyway.

He is a Labor or Greens voter. He hates Tony Abbott and therefore hates Peta Credlin, who has been credited or discredited (depending on your political bias) for re-inventing the once hard-to-like Tony Abbott into a sellable electoral commodity by September last year.

I can understand why non-Coalition supporters don’t like Abbott. Let’s list the reasons why Phil could be so filled with bile that he would put pen to paper to get even with Peta and Tony.

Here goes:

  • The pair hounded Julia Gillard after she made the mistake of breaking her promise on the carbon tax.
  • They tapped into the Australian-wide negativity towards asylum seekers, who a majority probably think are queue jumpers, judging from the election result.
  • They are climate change skeptics cum deniers and have KO’d the carbon tax.
  • They used negative, harping slogans to win over the population and have undermined a basically noble Labor Government. (That is me being as unbiased as I can, though maybe I went too far!)

Maybe Phil could add to the list but this looks like a fairly good collection of reasons to hate Tony and Peta, if you were a non-Coalition supporter. I have left out misogyny and all that rot because I think most political leaders have these superiority tendencies, whether they be men or women.

I once evaluated all our recent leaders using the “would you have hung out with them at school?” test. Malcolm Fraser would have been an insufferable, patrician type — the complete opposite of the nice lefty we know today.

Bob Hawke would have been dodgy but a hell of a lot of fun but he would have got you into trouble and probably would have got off scot-free himself!

Paul Keating would have been the plotting kid you knew would win but he would’ve been scary to hang out with.

John Howard would have been the nerdy kid with enormous guts who always over-achieved but was certainly uncool — a real prefect type but likeable.

Kevin Rudd would have been a pain in the butt, who nobody liked except the stupid teachers.

Julia Gillard would have been smart and very political who could actually win you over, while Tony Abbott would have been up himself, good at sport and a good bloke if you were in his footy team. If you weren’t, he could be a tease merchant.

As you can see, the really nice guys of politics — Kim Beazley, Simon Crean, Joe Hockey and Julie Bishop — are unlikely to get the top job because as the old saying goes: “Nice guys and gals run last.”

Political leaders can win over the majority because the majority assess people on the wrong criteria but I never ever believe that these leaders don’t understand the majority.

Peta and Tony understand the majority of voting Australians while Phil, you don’t.

It doesn’t make it right but in a democracy, the majority rules even if it produces regrettable outcomes, such as Clive Palmer and the PUP team.

I thought Julia Gillard was treated badly by Phil Stanton types who held posters such as “Ditch the witch” but politics can bring out the worst in people.

I hope Phil is a lot better bloke than what his Letter to the Editor suggests.

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