25 October 2020
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You get what you pay for

You get what you pay for

Janine Perrett
23 August 2013

by Janine Perrett

"Apprentices receive 31 per cent wage rise".

"Employers outraged" the obvious reaction as you would expect.

But just hold on a minute, can we?

The rise applies to those apprentices who have completed year 12. That's surely a good thing as their jobs become more complex.

Fair Work Australia explained this rise was an effort to try and stem the chronic shortage of apprentices and the disgraceful fact that a little over half of them actually complete thier apprenticeship these days.

Yes, the same employers screaming against the pay rise are the very same ones who whine incessantly about how tough their job is made by the lack of apprentices.

It's the first time in 40 years the apprentices have had such a rise.

Another key fact in all this is that a 30 per cent rise brings their wage to $398.50 a week. They will now be on $20,722 a year.

Fascinating in a week some very ordinary CEOs defended their multimillion dollar pay packets. And no, I'm not a socialist. Many CEOs are wealth generators rather than destroyers and fully deserve their salaries.

Basically I'm just sick of those employers whinging about how hard it is to get good staff these days and then quibble over their salary. You get what you pay for they always say – execpt when it's a CEO.

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