19 February 2020
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Men behaving badly

Janine Perrett
1 October 2013

by Janine Perrett

Well I'd like to have a go at the silly goings on of our pollies but those bozos in the US make them look good … Well, at least not so bad.

But heck why not?

Attorney General George Brandis, what on earth were you thinking? Charging taxpayers for attending the wedding of a right wing shock jock because you claimed it was a business expense so you could find out more about - what was it, oh that's right - expense rorting by ALP members? Give me a break.

And Tony Abbott what were you thinking running away from questions about asylum seeker boat deaths on the weekend after you spent the entire election campaign drumming on about it endlessly … In fact, for the past three years. Not a good look.

But then to be fair, the European pollies are back to behaving like a rabble. Here's the weekend update from Euro Disneyland.

The beleagured Greek government arrested five members of its parliament from the right wing Golden Dawn party in a neo-fascist crackdown.

Meanwhile in Italy, bunga bunga Berlusconi had his remaining members of parliament quit, thus fracturing that country's fragile coalition.

And don't start me on the US, there will be plenty of time as government there grinds to a halt on Tuesday midnight their time.

So basically as far as pollies go, around the world, it is, to paraphrase the old army expression – situation normal all fouled up.

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