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How's that election thingy, the economy and all that?

How's that election thingy, the economy and all that?

Janine Perrett
22 August 2013

by Janine Perrett

Time to check out a few stories in the headlines and make some observations.

'Greece may need another bailout.' What can I say? This really should not surprise me but I have been trying to be kind about Europe lately. As I always said though, it's just when you think it's all going hunky dory one of those Club Med countries starts to go bellyup again or in this case, when all starts to look good just say Greece three times and there it is.

Enough of foreign problems. How is it going here with that election thingy, the economy and all that?

Well, the Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Wednesday household wealth has lifted above GFC levels but didn't you hear that in all the cacophany of doom and gloom though.

Speaking of which my favourite election story lately is in Business Spectator. The Australian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ACCI) wants the government to create wealth to pay for social programs. Yep that's pretty well how government should actually work you know – people make money so they can pay taxes which pays for all those things that governments provide. Incredible revelation, ACCI.

'Tony Abbott concedes there might be changes to his front bench after the election.' And so there should. Stop picking on him press gallery for a perfectly sensible admission. Does anyone really want to see another ministerial term of the likes of Kevin Andrews, Bronwyn Bishop and that other block of wood from the Howard ministry, Mal Brough. These people are just keeping out strong contenders like Senator Arthur Sinodinos or the younger Josh Frydenberg or even newcomers like David Coleman, a real businessman, should he be elected.

And please Tony, give my personal favourite Senator Mathias Cormann a promotion for his tireless and unstinting opposition to the mining tax and much else besides and for being the most prolific press releaser in the Coalition. Taking trade away from Julie Bishop is hardly going to harm our prospects.

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