25 October 2020
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Here in the magical land of Oz

Here in the magical land of Oz

Janine Perrett
29 August 2013

Well I did warn you Syria and the outside world was rearing its ugly head into our little insular down-under bubble although it did take the markets quite a few days to react since those shocking pictures of chemical weapons victims appeared over the weekend.

Meanwhile emerging markets continue to cause consternation and the US debt ceiling deadline crisis looms larger.

And here in the magical land of Oz, well the company Melbourne IT was caught in an intrictate global hacking scandal by Syrian protesters which brought down the venerable New York Times for a period on Wednesday.

But for me the most extraordinary headline of the day was 'New South Wales minister quits admitting he was not a good politician'.

So many things I could say to that but we'll start with two. The obvious one being – what took you so long? The NSW election was two years ago which is how long you've been doing this job.

And can I just add that the said pollie, one Mr Graham Annesley, was sports minister. Yes the easiest job in Cabinet, usually reserved for people who aren't very good at politics.

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