27 November 2020
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Pregnant women confused about alcohol consumption guidelines

Pregnant women confused about alcohol consumption guidelines

Dr Ross Walker
27 November 2013

by Ross Walker

A disturbing study from the University of Newcastle has suggested that 8 out of 10 pregnant women consume alcohol. It is also suggested that this is happening because women are confused about the guidelines.

More disturbing is the fact that around 2,600 babies are born each year with brain damage as a result of their mother’s alcohol consumption during the pregnancy.  Alcohol consumption during pregnancy can lead to the so called “foetal-alcohol syndrome”, which is a combination of varying degrees of intellectual disability, abnormal facial appearance, problems with sensory organs, varying degrees of other congenital abnormalities and behavioural disorders.

I am sorry to use a dreadful pun, but this is a no brainer. 


One of the other issues here, is that many women do not find out they are pregnant until around the twelve week mark, where the baby’s organs have already developed or as is the case with the foetal alcohol syndrome – maldeveloped. 

The reality is that any sexually active young woman, who does not have very full proof contraception, should minimise their alcohol intake because we have no idea as to the effects of any alcohol on the very early stages of either conception or pregnancy.

I know this all sounds very unfair and one-sided, but what may seem like a bit of fun at the time, may have disastrous consequences on a child for the rest of their lives.

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