18 February 2020
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Is this the perfect inflationary storm?

Christopher Joye
24 February 2011
Think about it:
  • We have the number one and number two economies in the world growing at above trend.
  • We have the biggest private investment boom in modern history.
  • We have full, and falling, employment.
  • We have a more rigid labour market than pre-2007/08.
  • We have had a sustained fall in productivity.
  • We have reduced immigration creating more skills shortages just when we need more skills.
  • We have irrefutable evidence of accelerating wages growth to inflationary levels.
  • We have an external oil price shock, which will raise inflation expectations.
  • We have an unprecedented commodity price boom, which has been very inflationary in the past.
  • We have imported core trading partner inflation.
  • We have an AUD that has possibly come close to maxing out.
  • Today we learned that in 2012 we will have carbon price inflation.
  • We have significant internal price shocks care of tragic natural disasters raising headline inflation, and boosting consumer expectations of future inflation.

So what are the mitigants?

  • Maybe the AUD, but unlikely.
  • Maybe prolonged consumer conservatism, but this is unlikely.
  • Maybe China and India blowing up, but unlikely in the near-term.
  • Maybe a much tighter May budget (a possibility).
  • Maybe labour market flexibility, but unlikely.
  • Maybe productivity, but unlikely.
So you want to invest in assets that are (a) a good inflation hedge, and (b) a good hedge against a collapse in commodity prices and the resources boom, and which benefit from a radical reduction in high interest rates, when it comes.

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