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July 22, 2024
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    22 July 2024
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    Will the markets like Biden’s resignation?

    How will the financial markets respond to this big and sensible decision by Joe Biden?

    CommSec’s Craig James is the Michael J. Fox of economics as he has Parkinson’s Disease

    One of Australia’s best economists, Craig James, has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease. If anyone can manage this affliction, it will be this champion of a man.

    June 27 and July 13 gave Trump the 2024 election.

    Mark my words: the second Trump aberration will be just as bad for America as the first.

    The Greens are demanding Treasurer Chalmers cancel any RBA rate rise

    Over-ride the decisions of the Reserve Bank? Rob more from the rich to give more handouts? Are the Greens having multi-coloured dreams?

    Third airline for Australia? Go fly a kite!

    The CEO of Qantas has put the kybosh on anyone thinking about starting a fourth airline in this country. That’s an idea that simply just won’t fly!

    We're the biggest exporters of goats in the world!

    It's a shock revelation but we export goats, lots of them. Why is this so?

    Switzer Investing TV | 15th July 2024

    Why I don’t think markets are ready to crash. For the full show subscribe to The Switzer Report

    Should we be frightened that the stock market will crash?

    One of my financial planning clients saw an ABC commentator showing enough to ‘frighten’ him to ask whether he should remain exposed to the stock market. Here’s my response …

    Inflation falls in the US as our CPI could be on the rise

    Now we could face a spike in many product prices because of shipping troubles in the Red Sea and Asia that will force up costs and inflation!

    Premier Minns is closing down business for the Anzacs

    Where do I stand on the emotional subject of Anzac Day?

    A look at culture, arts, extras and things we’re following this week.

    Photo of the Week

    20/09/2023 05:46
    VMelbourne Fashion Week 2023 Ambassador Ayesha Madon (centre) poses for a photograph with models ahead of Melbourne Fashion Week at the Commons Collective, Melbourne, Wednesday, September 20, 2023. (AAP Image/James Ross)
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