19 November 2019
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Sydney & Melbourne house prices to surge over 14%

Peter discusses the latest property market news with SQM Research's Louis Christopher, The Agency's Ben Collier and Centuria's Ross Lees.

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Why the Australian property market is different from all others

On this week's episode of Switzer TV: Property, Dr Andrew Wilson, Jo Masters and Tom Panos.

Galan Lithium's new project producing high grades with low impurities

Peter Switzer sits down with the CEO of Galan Lithium (GLN), Juan Pablo Vargas de la Vega.

New Fintech Cashwerkz Platform offers better yield options

Peter Switzer talks to Cashwerkz executive chairman John Nantes about the benefits of the new platform which has seen over $2b processed.

Could the Reserve Bank hold off cutting interest rates?

Peter Switzer looks at whether the latest economic data is strong enough to stop the Reserve Bank from cutting interest rates.

Are Blackmores, Link, Smart Group & Microsoft stocks you should buy?

This week, Peter Switzer sits down with Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Charlie Aitken, Ryan Fisher and Damian Cottier.

What effect do ETFs have on the stock market?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss whether ETFs could be the cause of the next crash.

Interview with Will Davidson, CEO of Powerwrap (ASX:PWL)

Peter Switzer sits down with Will Davidson, CEO of Powerwrap Limited's (ASX:PWL) Wealth Management Platform for Financial Advisers, Wealth Managers and Brokers.

Should we be looking for a black swan?

Peter and Paul discuss the risks of a black swan, how low US interest rates can go and the super scam you need to watch out for.

How do you play the property price rebound... confidently?

On our latest episode of Switzer TV: Property, Chris Gray, Greville Pabst and Peter Maddison.

Positive trade talk exposes great stock selections

This week on Switzer TV: Investing, Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Paul Rickard, Shane Oliver and David Head.

Where to look for income in this low interest rate environment

Peter Switzer talks to Mayfair 101 managing director James Mawhinney about Mayfair 101's suite of products, including the new Mayfair Platinum.

Is ASIC a threat to the economy?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard discuss the potential threat ASIC poses to the economy, if now is the time to invest in value managers and whether the economy can keep ticking up.

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