16 November 2019
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Sydney & Melbourne house prices to surge over 14%

Peter discusses the latest property market news with SQM Research's Louis Christopher, The Agency's Ben Collier and Centuria's Ross Lees.

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Does ASIC need to act on short sellers?

Paul Rickard looks at whether ASIC needs to take action on short sellers following attacks on WiseTech, plus doubts about the super guarantee increase and the latest on Costa Group.

Experts' analysis of retail sector with Christmas shopping looming

Peter Switzer takes a look at the retail sector with Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Charlie Aitken, Paul Rickard and Sarah Hunter.

Can you trust property price stories in the media?

Peter Switzer talks property with CoreLogic's Tim Lawless and Destiny Financial Solutions' Margaret Lomas.

Do we need another banking inquiry?

Peter Switzer and Paul Rickard argue why we don't need another banking inquiry, plus good news on Brexit, trade and US earnings.

Trade deal! Stocks to buy!

On Switzer TV: Investing this week, Peter Switzer is joined by Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy, Rudi Filapek-Vandyck, Charlie Aitken and Paul Rickard.

Is the house price recovery bulls**t?

This week on Switzer TV: Property, Nerida Conisbee, James Symond and Jason Huljich.

Is Donald Trump playing with fire?

Peter Switzer looks at the likelihood of a trade deal between the US and China being reached this week and why Josh Frydenberg still needs to stop looking like a kangaroo caught in the headlights.

David Head from Clean Seas

Peter Switzer speaks to the CEO of listed seafood company Clean Seas (CSS), David Head.

Property Punch-Up of the Century

Round 2 of the Property Punch-Up of the Century starring Professor Doom on house prices, Steve Keen, versus the AFR’s Chris Joye.

Marco Romero from Euro Manganese Inc

Peter Switzer talks to the CEO of dual-listed company Euro Manganese Inc (EMN), Marco Romero.

Will this be the last interest rate cut?

Peter takes a closer look at yesterday's interest rate cut by the Reserve Bank, Donald's effect on the Dow and Josh Frydenberg's response to tough economic questions.

If a trade deal is coming, what stocks should you buy?

This week on Switzer TV: Investing, Dr Ross Walker, Sean Cortis, Charlie Aitken, Julia Lee, Michael McCarthy and Tim Farrelly.

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