19 April 2021
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Capitalism - alive and more than well

Well we have a lot of capitalism breaking out in the local news at the moment.

Who killed Channel 10?

And Fairfax. Talk about serial offenders. One.Tel anyone?

Share plunge indicates Labor will win? Spare me.

Well if ever you need evidence that the stockmarket really is not much more certain than throwing your money away at the track, you only need to look at the debacle over McMillan Shakespeare shares.
 Just to recap, the listed salary packaging company was suspended last week because of uncertainty over the government's new FBT […]

The Perrett Report: Female exec's fall from grace

This is what true equality is about. When the women can be just as bad as the men.

The Perrett Report: He would say that, wouldn't he?

McDonald's blames China and Australia when it releases its disappointing June quarter results to Wall Street. I didn't realise we were that important. 

The Perrett Report: the first edition

Well the start of a new week so it's worth looking at a few news items you might have overlooked or not believed the first time around. The headline in the Fairfax financial pages today 'Forrest dominated board' … Yes, apparently key early investors in Andrew Twiggy Forrest's Foretescue Metals group have accused the mining […]

Why I admire Julia Gillard

Now that Julia Gillard is out of office, let me confess my admiration for her.

Rudd a gutless wonder

Julia Gillard won four prime ministerial elections, a caucus election (unopposed) on June 24, 2010, a popular general election on August 21, 2010, another caucus election on February 27, 2012 (when she secured 71 votes to 31 for Kevin Rudd) and a caucus election on March 21, 2013 when she again won unopposed.
 Two details […]

Call me irresponsible - should this be Swan's Budget song?

Last year Treasurer Wayne Swan was too responsible and was tricked by Treasury’s less than accurate forecasts for economic growth — the end result was not a planned surplus but a bigger than expected deficit. I recall a scene from an old Seinfeld episode, where Jerry advised his friend George that as he complained that […]

Abbott's budget reply: is he really trapped?

When the Treasurer let us know that the promised surplus of $1.5 billion ended up being a $19.4 billion deficit, and this will be followed up by an $18 billion deficit next year, you couldn’t help but think, why would I take seriously any other number this guy will utter? Sure, forecasting is difficult but […]

Abbott deserves a Tony Award for that speech!

The Abbott reply to the Budget has cut the ribbon on a four month election campaign but if the Opposition leader can maintain the strong, “I look like a grown up” image he delivered in Parliament last night, then Labor’s worst nightmares of a complete rout on September 14 could actually happen. On Wall Street […]

Blame Obama

The fiscal cliff keeps pushing share prices down and the arrival of some disappointing economic data didn’t help the cause of those hoping for a small pullback. But let’s face it, stocks will trend down until President Barack Obama and the Republicans in the Congress are close to unity on key issues, so get used […]

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