22 October 2020
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Clive Palmer launches attacks on the AEC

It is true that Clive Palmer has launched attacks upon the AEC. Those attacks will do the AEC no harm. All they will do is harm Palmer’s reputation.

Gina Rinehart and her donkey directors

We had Gina Rinehart's mouthpiece calling Fairfax directors donkeys but hey has she looked at her Network Ten investment lately?

I abhor gender bias stories, but -

I relented and spoke with the hard working sex discrimination commissioner Elizabeth Broderick about a flurry of gender diversity and business reports and media events this week.

What's wrong is wrong

No room for grey in a black and white world or don't be in politics on the public purse.

Hypocrite of the day award goes to...

The hypocrite of the day award, and there's much competition these days, goes to the business lobby group AIG.

I begin with an apology

Yes, I am one of the few journos who admits when I might have been a bit harsh.

One day you're in, the next day you're out

While it's always sad when a big name shuts up shop, often they can be blamed for their own demise.

Congratulations to Attorney General George Brandis

Congratulations to Attorney General George Brandis for standing up to the China lobby pressuring our government to relax the ban on Chinese telco Huawei getting into our NBN.

Australia - the food bowl of Asia

Aren't we being told that we should become the food bowl of Asia? We have a unique resource, that unlike cars, the Chinese can't do cheaper.

Max Moore-Wilton take a royal bow

Just to recap; when asked whether there was a problem with the company's corporate culture in the wake of the royal radio prank scandal, the esteemed chairman replied "s**t happens".

So, whose turn is it today?

I don't go deliberately looking for people to pick on. They offer themselves up for this. Often over and over again, the same culprits keep raising their ugly head.

A lame duck CEO

Most incredible quote of the day was Wal's defense of those terrible corruption allegations on his watch.

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