29 March 2020
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Our clients

"I was attracted to Switzer because of the fee for service remuneration model they use rather than commission and the business model they operate with a team who have wide ranging talents and expertise. My adviser proactively provides advice and I have always found him to be responsive to my requirements. I appreciate and enjoy my frequent dialogue with him. I am happy to recommend Switzer Financial Planning as a company who are dedicated to their clients needs and always friendly and courteous. My adviser even retains his sense of humor when the markets throw challenges we all find hard to understand!"

Mark Webb, NSW

"I have had dealings with the Switzer family since Peter was my economics teacher at Sydney Grammar in 1983. These days my association with them has gone from one of admiration and respect to one of professional affiliation. We now use Switzer Financial Services as a resource for our bookkeeping, accounting and financial planning advice. They are a terrific resource, always professional, always on the ball with timely advice and just good, decent people to do business with."

Stuart Gregor, Director, Liquid Ideas, Surry Hills NSW

"It was extremely comforting for me to know that Switzer Financial Services is completely transparent. That means they owe no allegiance to any particular fund, thus any advice they give would be to serve my best interest, not theirs."

Justin Zeltzer, Rose Bay NSW

"Over the years we have visited financial planners but have been disillusioned as we weren't sure we were receiving independent advice. The Switzer approach is very sensible. We liked the way the adviser took time to understand our needs and our financial position. He articulated possible alternatives for us to think about and also gave us sound advice as to the balance of our portfolio. The whole experience was pleasant, relaxed and extremely helpful."

Mike and Sue Gregg, Forrestville NSW

"We had been seeking financial advice for some time but were very cautious about the lack of independence from most advisers. Then we heard about Switzer Financial Services and have been so pleased with their objective, completely independent advice. The adviser was an expert at understanding our needs and future goals and has provided us with a real financial blueprint for our future."

Angie and Scott Bradbury Graham, Melbourne Victoria

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